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  • OPIN has some of the leading developers in this country. We have developed many solutions to overcome challenges and simply find better and more efficient ways of doing things. That’s what makes us one of the leading Drupal providers in the country. We don’t run from problems. We resolve them.
    Chris Smith Chief Executive Officer
  • The Canadian Transportation Agency had a long list of requirements to better meet the needs of a very diverse public. Using Drupal, we were able to meet all those needs. The results speak for themselves. I am very proud of what we were able to accomplish for the Agency and am confident the public will be much better served for it.
    Chris Smith OPIN CEO
  • OPIN has been a huge supporter of these Games so it was a pleasure for us to think outside the box and come up with a creative alternative that would make the Opening Ceremonies really memorable.
    Chris Smith OPIN CEO
  • OPIN provided an excellent service and the Bermuda team is extremely proud of the end product. We have a world class website, www.gov.bm, which came in on time and on budget
    Aderonke Wilson Director, Department of Communication and Information at Government of Bermuda
  • In moving from our current CMS to Drupal, our team needed to acquire basic understanding of the Drupal platform. OPIN was able, in only one day of training, to provide us with a comfortable level of comprehension vis-à-vis the Drupal fundamentals and terminology. Because of a dynamic instructor, clear examples and hands-on exercises, the following day, at our team meeting, we were all talking the same language in addition to being able to define next steps for our project.
    PATRICK HAAG Web Performance Officer at CIHR
  • Economic Action Plan 2015 will create jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. It is a balanced budget, just as we promised, and it cuts taxes for hard- working individuals and families. It is a prudent and principled plan that will see Canadians more prosperous, more secure, and even more confident in our country’s place in the world.
    Joe Oliver Former Minister of Finance
  • OPIN has some of the leading developers in this country. We have developed many solutions to overcome challenges and simply find better and more efficient ways of doing things. That’s what makes us one of the leading Drupal providers in the country. We don’t run from problems. We resolve them.
    Chris Smith OPIN CEO
  • With the majority of the population utilizing smartphones today, we wanted to give people the opportunity to have easy access to 2015 Games information all in one place, wherever they go, and we’re thrilled to work with OPIN Software on yet another innovative project for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.
    Stuart Ballantyne 2015 Canada Winter Games CEO
  • I would highly recommend OPIN. They are an impressive and passionate group, led by an extremely hard-working CEO. The time and consideration they have invested in UNBC’s web project exemplifies their commitment to seeing all of their projects reach a successful conclusion.
    Alyson Gourley-Cramer Manager Of Media Relations And Communications, UNBC
  • The new interactive website is all about simplicity. It’s a great way for us to make the online experience better for our users. They can use the site on any platform, at any time, and the experience will be consistent.” -
    Tara Skibo Communications/Public Relations Officer
  • We are thrilled to announce OPIN as our newest National Partner. They have developed a dynamic website that features great content for the entire Canada Games network. OPIN’s modern approach to software development ensured the website’s look, feel and functionality would be state of the art and user-friendly.
    Tom Quinn Chairman of the Canada Games Council
  • Setting a world record was a very ambitious goal that we could not have achieved without OPIN’s system.
    Dariusz Burzynski Science and Technology Cluster, NRCAN
  • Optimizing a landing page to better meet the needs of the client and their target audience is a fun challenge. Leveraging our knowledge of user behaviour, we were able to restructure the page so that users could find important information more quickly and CAANEO could ensure that priority content was seen.
    Ash Ahmadzadeh OPIN Technical Lead
  • Boardroom meetings have been around as long as the corporation; today’s technology is the perfect tool to build off this structure and adapt to the needs of the modern organization
    Chris Smith OPIN CEO
  • It was an honor for me to work on the Prime Minister’s website. I wanted a clean and simple design that would appeal to a very diverse group of people. I didn’t want it to distract from the content of the site. It is extremely rewarding for me to work on a site of this magnitude, knowing that it is targeting an entire country.
    Adrian Rylski OPIN Design Lead
  • This is consistent with the CRTC’s approach to reaching out to Canadians as citizens, creators and consumers. By being more open and increasing opportunities for engagement we can develop better public policy and better deliver on our regulatory responsibilities.
    Jean-Pierre Blais CRTC Chairman
  • With multiple content contributors, and a looming code update, it was time for RMCC to implement a robust web content management system (WCMS) for the College`s public site that would incorporate the Government of Canada web standards. Drupal was chosen, but expert guidance was needed. With OPIN`s expertise and site migration management support, RMCC has now fully functional Drupal site and increasingly, our content contributors are able to take control of their own parts of the RMCC web site.
    France Couture RMCC Manager of Information Services
  • It feels great to know that we could help respond to a great need within the organization and increase communication and engagement through the layers of government.
    Pat Gilbert OPIN Director of Business Development and Sales
  • We are very happy we were able to support this initiative. Employee engagement can make all the difference in achieving and advancing important objectives and sometimes, all that is required is the right platform to encourage it. People generally want to make a difference. Highpoint give them that opportunity.
    Chris Smith OPIN CEO
  • We’re extremely happy with our experience working with OPIN on our Mother’s Day campaign. From start to finish the experience was phenomenal. OPIN took our requirements and put together a plan of action to ensure we got exactly what we wanted. They plainly laid out what development work was required and patiently walked us through the entire process. The outcome was a gorgeous campaign exactly as described. We would definitely recommend OPIN for any Drupal based project. Their work speaks for itself.
    John Greenshields SOS Children’s Villages Digital Fundraiser, Integrated Marketing

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