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Economic Action Plan

It’s no small feat, supporting and encouraging an entire country’s economy. You better have a website that can multitask and outperform.

Canada’s Economic Action Plan was designed to help create jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity from coast to coast to coast. It connects Canadians with jobs, helps businesses to better compete in the global economy, and promotes research and innovation.

It was also established to support vital public infrastructure, as well as families and communities. The Privy Council Office (PCO) required a redesign to modernize the Economic Action Plan website, making it more user friendly and appealing to a diverse audience. It should tell a very compelling story and provide the information necessary to bolster the country’s economy. To be successful, websites need to follow the same principles that drive an economy. They should quickly respond to a need, evolve as the world does and innovate to be ahead of the curve. Of course, all of this needs to be fiscally sound. 

OPIN worked on a mobile-design that was simple and clean ensuring the focus was on the content and shining it in the most appealing and alluring light. PCO and apparently, the country, which visited it in ever increasing numbers, welcomed the redesign. It certainly didn’t hurt the economy either. Open- source software is free, saving the Government of Canada thousands, if not, millions of dollars. Because of the vast network of developers that stand behind it and the pride the com- munity has in quickly resolving issues, open-source software and Drupal, more specifically, is better positioned to overcome security challenges. Both NASA and the White House have turned to Drupal to power their websites and identified security as one of the reasons. So, we had security covered. 

Economic Action Plan 2015 will create jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. It is a balanced budget, just as we promised, and it cuts taxes for hard- working individuals and families. It is a prudent and principled plan that will see Canadians more prosperous, more secure, and even more confident in our country’s place in the world.
Joe Oliver Former Minister of Finance
  • Project: Website redesign
  • Specs: Design and implementation

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