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SOS Mother’s Day Campaign

SOS Children’s Villages Canada has just a small goal: To make the world a better place for some of the world’s most forgotten and deserving children. Unfortunately, they can’t do it alone. They need a lot of help and OPIN worked to get them attention.

SOS Children’s Villages Canada provides orphaned and abandoned children with a safe and loving home, and also helps strengthen vulnerable families.

They recognized in Mothers’ Day a fantastic opportunity to express gratitude and bring attention to the thousands of women around the world who, through the support of SOS, take on abandoned or orphaned children as their own and provide a safe and loving environment to let them reach their full potential. The organization wanted to use digital tools to help them achieve their goals and leverage this opportunity. Specifically, they wanted to increase email sign-up, create lead generations, increase awareness of their work that could potentially increase donations. While in this instance, the mothers’ day campaign was the focus, they wanted to reuse and repurpose the web page or portal to meet other needs and events. They had the most moving material and pictures available, they just needed the right digital tools to present them to the public.

This is a cause that many of OPIN’s staff take to heart. OPIN has long been a supporter of SOS Children’s Villages Canada and helped redesign their website to better achieve their meaningful goals. The new website has also helped increase donations to the organization, which must rely heavily on public support. In this latest effort, OPIN’s lead and award-winning designer, Adrian Rylski, donated his own time to ensure the project exceeded expectations and delivered a product the client was extremely pleased with and met all agreed-upon deadlines. In the end, OPIN’s work did meet all of SOS’s objectives and helped bring greater awareness to the campaign. The organization benefitted from the significant increase in traffic. They have also been able to reuse the page, most recently, to bring attention and greater support to the devastation left by the Nepal earthquake. 

We’re extremely happy with our experience working with OPIN on our Mother’s Day campaign. From start to finish the experience was phenomenal. OPIN took our requirements and put together a plan of action to ensure we got exactly what we wanted. They plainly laid out what development work was required and patiently walked us through the entire process. The outcome was a gorgeous campaign exactly as described. We would definitely recommend OPIN for any Drupal based project. Their work speaks for itself.
John Greenshields SOS Children’s Villages Digital Fundraiser, Integrated Marketing
  • Project: Website training, site audit and general support.

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