Article 13
Article 13 is a new piece of legislation passed in the European Union Parliament. The new law has a significant impact on the way copyright is administered in the digital space. What are the implications of this new law for North Americans?
Drupal Banner
Web migrations sound scary, but Drupal’s open-source community is taking care of us so we can keep the latest version to take advantage of the world’s best CMS!
Drupal on a book
The Drupal world has been buzzing about the latest release for a while, and with good reason.
ROI vs TCO: The CIO Debate
For businesses, Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) may both seem like similar techniques for delivering cost-effectiveness. However, research shows that they perform best in very different situations. A detailed look at the two techniques can help you determine which tool is the most ideal for your business.
Tablet with lock on it for security
From a security perspective, Drupal is the ideal platform for a number of reasons.
Mockup on glass
The Agile methodology is the de facto project management approach for enterprise digital projects. Here’s why Agile development will make a world of difference for your next website project.
Person on laptop searching
Among the thousands of Drupal modules, there are several developed specifically for SEO. In this blog post, we’ve decided to dig deeper into two of these modules: Real-time SEO and SEO Checklist.
Twig Filters
I was very excited when the community decided to use Twig as the new template engine for Drupal 8. Twig offers many performance and security improvements to Drupal. Additionally, it is a flexible template engine, allowing us to extend the base features (tags, filters), and create our own.
Donate button on keyboard
Understanding the modern digital environment is the key to succeeding in the charity and non-profit sector.
Data on keyboard
Drupal, in conjunction with the Angular front-end framework, provides the leading platform for decoupled web solutions - one of the most important trends in a rapidly shifting digital landscape.
People talking and joking
In workplace parlance, an “engaged” employee is an individual who not only completes tasks on time, but is actually enthusiastic about the work they are doing.
Two people shaking hands
Mergers and acquisitions are carefully planned, strategic maneuvers designed to spark growth for a brand. There are many aspects to consider when planning a merger or acquisition, but research shows that the most overlooked is brand strategy. Today’s brands are intertwined with their digital presence, so an effective brand strategy has to be a digital one. How do you preserve a digital brand amid a merger or acquisition?


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