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OPIN Launches Activate to Help Make Launching New Drupal Sites Easier, Faster and More Secure

Setting Up Your New Drupal Website Has Never Been Easier and More Secure

Ottawa (October 28, 2021) - During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, OPIN, an award-winning Drupal digital communications agency, launched Activate today - the easiest way to set up and launch a Drupal website environment. Activate allows you to spend more of your investment in building a high-performance, enterprise-level website and less on the technical setup.

OPIN has a long history of powering some of the world’s most ambitious digital projects. Having worked on over 200 enterprise-level projects over the past decade, OPIN understands the unique challenges of marketers and IT professionals who head website operations within some of the world's most admired brands.  

Every year we review all the latest CMS platforms on the market and we continue to come to the conclusion that Drupal is still the most flexible and secure website content management system,” says Christopher Smith Founder and CEO of OPIN, “After building hundreds of websites on Drupal, our team has built Activate to ensure all our customers have the best-configured environment to ensure all the security modules and config files are set up correctly from day one.

Activate is the fastest and most secure way to set up your Drupal environment to build your website. OPIN Activate delivers a powerful platform to your team from the beginning of your project, so your Drupal websites will be built better, faster and follow all the best practices. Choose your page layouts, drag and drop digital assets, schedule content, and preview the experience before going live.

Activate is optimized for each organization. All Activate users benefit from having the right tools and the right configurations available from the get-go. Building enterprise-level digital experiences has never been easier.

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About OPIN

OPIN Digital is a leading digital agency that provides strategic guidance, creative design, and software development powered by Open Innovation - embracing collaboration and openness in a complex world. We design, develop and manage ambitious digital projects, including websites, intranets, applications and marketing technologies.

OPIN’s team brings an agile team of experts to every project, employing research-backed, data-driven processes to take your project from vision to reality. Our unique blend of open source technologies, agile development processes and cohesive teams allows us to build unified campaign platforms for our clients. 

We are passionate about technology and can help you build a world-class marketing technology stack and campaign delivery platform. Our award-winning work is recognized by numerous publications, and OPIN ranks as one of the fastest-growing agencies in North America.

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