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PaaS Hosting Ensures A Faster Time to Market

Traditional hosting is not what modern website builders and owners need. All too often, web teams end up with different kinds of hosts that can be shared, dedicated or managed for different size projects, and none of them are very flexible. Even with virtual servers available “on-demand,” there’s still a big gap to having a scalable website.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Hosting Platform

Arguably one of the biggest benefits PaaS hosting provides is the ability to improve a developer’s efficiency. The direct support for business agility PaaS provides enables rapid development with faster and more frequent delivery of functionalities. 

By using automatic application deployment and continuous integration techniques, PaaS allows developers to utilize the cloud’s more broad benefits. 

At a glance, PaaS offers your enterprise numerous advantages such as:

  • Significant reduction in the amount of coding needed
  • Developers can customize apps without the headache of maintaining the software
  • Highly available
  • Scalable
  • Simple, cost-effective development and deployment of apps


All of these points lead to the fact that PaaS hosting not only helps you go to market faster but also heightens your return on investment. Let’s take a look at four ways PaaS hosting can streamline your business. 

Launch Projects Faster with More Productive Teams

Get more out of your development dollars and drive your business forward and launch faster thanks to more productive teams. Alongside PaaS cloud-based development tools for teams, your developers will enjoy increased productivity and fewer setbacks. 

Workflows allow for faster development and review cycles, so you can iterate faster. Your team can stop wasting time dealing with repetitive sysadmin tasks and get back to developing new features and improving your site.

By simply using the platform as expected, teams follow the best practices in web dev, so onboarding new developers is easy. With a more productive team, your business will be able to:

Build a more efficient business

Grow your predictable, recurring business by extending client engagements. Offer more competitive services and take on more ambitious projects.

Empower your team

Maximize your development team’s talents and reduce staff turnover and minimize manual work through automation.

Make your clients more successful

Build websites that drive business outcomes, stretch budgets further, improve collaboration with clients and empower them to be more agile and continue iterating post-launch.

Now, let’s dive into how agencies like OPIN assist your enterprise in achieving these goals and why we recommend that you switch to a PaaS hosting environment.

Managed Team Portfolio

A managed portfolio exponentially increases the capabilities your organization can provide for your team. Speeding up developers' processes by streamlining organization is a first-class capability in high performing agencies. Our partners at Pantheon.io described it perfectly:

“Developers will no longer need to track multiple passwords to sign in and out of multiple Pantheon accounts to manage code for multiple sites.”

The major benefit of utilizing a managed portfolio is as follows:

Custom Upstreams

Using customs upstreams, anyone can start a new project from a common start state, which is a much better way to manage multiple sites. A common start state helps standardize site design and functionality. Using custom upstream, there is no time wasted installing any themes or plugins, as they are already in place. 

  • Reduce maintenance overhead by the common start state, which is distributed over other sites. 
  • Reduce setup time by including various automation out of the box. Simply write the script for the task and distribute it across all sites. 

It can be used to stamp out sites with the same look and feel. All requirements are baked into custom upstreams, ensuring users of any skill level can create new sites.

Custom upstreams are ideal for universities or organizations that require identical functionality across multiple sites. These new sites are managed by global updates made once by your local IT and are extremely user-friendly. 

  • With custom upstreams, ensure your organization will:
  • Launch sites quickly
  • Centralize control
  • Empower your top developers

Another major area in which your team will become much more efficient is through a Multidev environment. 

MultiDev Environment

Multi dev solves the problem of having just one dev environment per site. Easily create cloud environments to speed up development and make collaborating with your team easier than ever. Multidev allows you to fork your entire stack (code and content), work independently, then merge the code changes back into the master. 

There are multiple instances to use a Multidev environment:

  • Developers want to prototype and feature-branch.
  • PMs want a stable environment for QA and review.
  • Content editors need a place to learn Drupal.
  • New team members need a place to test the waters without "breaking it."

Multidev means goodbye to wrangling with MAMP or hand-rolled dev servers, and no more stressing the differences between your development and deployment environments. No more "set up phase" in the project. You just hit "fork" and you're off and running. Everything you need to run a complete website is ready in seconds.

With Multidev, you fork the whole stack and out comes a working website. Likewise, better hosting providers can give you a "development sandbox," but not with dedicated resources or the exact same platform as production, and not with an integrated, bulletproof workflow.

Not only will you launch faster and become more agile, but PaaS cloud service providers also exponentially increase your return on investment.

Higher Return on Investment

Build a more predictable business and empower your developers. Leverage a website operation platform that makes building, launching, and running multiple sites a breeze so you can focus on your clients’ success.

At OPIN, we partner with some of the world’s leading cloud service providers, helping to enable your websites to continue to perform at high speeds with minimal need for support. The platform automatically does a lot of the work necessary to ensure professional-grade Drupal sites are fast, secure, and scalable.

Vision and drive are what push organizations such as yours to excel. OPIN has a proven record of helping celebrated names across multiple sectors streamline their processes and build better websites. Have any questions? Reach out to us and find out how to start your next big web project!


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