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Why Drupal is the Right Choice for your eCommerce Website

When it comes to eCommerce for non-retailers, Drupal websites are the number one choice – and for good reason. There is a lot more to online selling than just clothes or shoes!

So many brands require additional custom workflows to manage their organization, which is why non-profits, cities, and universities choose Drupal. 

Here are the top reasons why you should choose Drupal for your eCommerce website

The flexibility and customization capabilities are ideal for everything sold online! Drupal E-Commerce website development and design solutions are dedicated to meeting your eCommerce needs – with product details, order tools, carts, and payment options, it offers everything you need to manage your virtual store.

Customize your Themes

One of the main benefits of Drupal commerce is that it allows you to easily customize your themes and layouts. First impressions are important, and Drupal helps you develop an amazing theme that makes your site appearance stand out to users. 

For example, SShop is one of the themes offered by Drupal to help you design your eCommerce site. It is Bootstrap-based and fully responsive, so you can enhance the user experience and encourage customers to spend more time on your page. 

You can leverage the Font Awesome Icons model and create a slideshow on the homepage to showcase your products and services. The Page Manager module lets you build custom layouts and page variants too, so you don’t have to settle when it comes to developing your site. 

Support Content-Driven Commerce

If you are looking for flexibility on your eCommerce site, look no further than Drupal. The Headless Commerce features allow you to upscale content-driven commerce so you can optimize the user experience.

The JavaScript interface can communicate with the backend Drupal via REST API. If you choose the decoupled Drupal solutions with Angular, you can also create a separation between the eCommerce backend and the presentation layer. 

Other benefits of this module include interactive features, high speeds, enhanced interactivity, and freedom to adjust your front-end site. Overall, these are the tools you need to create an immersive and content-rich experience.

Enhance your Mobile Compatibility

In today’s business environment, customers are always on the go. If you want to be competitive, your website needs to be mobile-optimized – and Drupal can help you do just that. 

The Drupal platform allows your eCommerce site to operate smoothly on mobile devices, so it won't matter if your viewers are browsing on a smartphone, tablet, or another internet device. As you design your website, it will help to evaluate the type of devices your customers prefer, so you can incorporate the elements required to enhance that experience. 

Drupal’s websites are mobile responsive, which means that images, text, and other elements will automatically adjust to optimize for the user’s device. These features are irreplaceable when it comes to eCommerce!

Expand your Global Reach

The multilingual capabilities that Drupal allows you to access can help your eCommerce site expand its global reach. If you want your website to be accessible – and readable – by anyone in the world, then it must be multilingual. 

While most people are comfortable with websites in the English language, there are just as many users who are not. The Drupal platform is the top choice for building a multilingual website to ensure that you cater to everyone in your target audience.

With several languages to choose from, and multiple modules built for translation support and other language features, to build the ideal eCommerce site for your needs. It can even detect the user’s default language through their browser settings, sessions, or IP address. 

Not only will offering multilingual browsing options improve the customer experience, but it will also boost your SEO rankings and improve your workflows. 

SEO Considerations

Whenever you think about eCommerce and digital marketing, SEO must be a key consideration. The fact that eCommerce sites must manage large amounts of data makes it tough for marketers to implement SEO on every page. 

You want your site to rank well on search engine results pages and be easily found by viewers. The best way to do that is to index your products and optimize your keyword usage. Drupal can simplify this process by providing the following support modules:

  • Pathauto ensures that your URLs are simplified and SEO-friendly
  • XML sitemap to include or exclude pages as needed
  • Metatag module that helps manage all the metatags on your website

In other words, Drupal has the tools you need to optimize your SEO results and drive more traffic to your website. Increasing your efforts in this area can make a huge difference in gaining brand recognition and growing your market share!

Here is a list of 5 simple SEO mistakes and how to easily fix them to get you started!

Fast Speeds and Performance

It’s no secret that modern consumers are impatient – they want instant gratification, whether it is through getting instant answers to their questions or by getting their products delivered as soon as possible. The same goes for website performance, though!

If a customer reaches your website and the page takes more than a few seconds to load, they will just move on to the next link. Drupal can help you access faster speeds and improve performance so that you can increase conversions and maximize the buyer's journey.  

In other words, bounce rates have a direct correlation with revenue generation, and Drupal’s modules can allow you to improve your success. For instance, the CDN module helps you integrate a Content Delivery Network so that you can reduce load times and quickly deliver page components. 

Is your hardware the bottleneck when it comes to speed? Drupal lets you upgrade your server hardware so you can scale your eCommerce site even faster. 

Personalization Features

Another reason Drupal is the top choice for eCommerce websites is the broad personalization features included. The platform offers everything you need to build a truly custom and functional website so you can meet both your needs and those of your target audience.

For instance, use the Acquia Lift Connector module to merge content and consumer information into one tool. You can use this data to deliver personalized recommendations and content - which ultimately enhances the customer experience and boost your bottom line. 

The Smart Content tool even allows admins to display unique content for users based on browser conditions - while keeping them anonymous!

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