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Government of Bermuda

Government of Bermuda

As the highest-ranking population in terms of Internet adoption in North America, the Government of Bermuda recognized the value of having a strong and sustainable online presence to serve the Island’s citizens and industries for years to come.

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How we did it

The Challenge

The Government knew that its existing portal was not meeting their needs. They were looking for a new approach. Based on their market research, they were looking for a citizen-centric design, with an emphasis on providing significant value to its residents and businesses, that leverages leading-edge technology to transform their business processes. 

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Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. But what sets it apart is its flexibility; modularity is one of its core principles. Its tools help you build the versatile, structured content that dynamic web experiences need. After a few clicks, you can access a full Drupal installation!

The Solution

A user-centric approach was the core aspect of this project. It was imperative we assisted in connecting citizens with their government, allowing services to be directly available to each individual such as:

  • A fully responsive solution that works seamlessly for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Intense and effective sitewide search capabilities
  • User-focused content, structure, and navigation
  • Dynamic content focused on analytics
  • Ease of use for all site editors independent of their level of technology understanding
  • Effective SEO tools
  • Better user experience for both internal editors and public users
  • Use leading-edge technology with consideration for seamless future upgrades

From a user experience point-of-view, the solution includes streamlined navigation, a consistent ability to obtain information in three clicks or less, and a feedback button on every page to assist with identifying new content and functionality requests. The topic-based format means that information is no longer centred on departments but is now focused on user requests. For internal editors, the simple, intuitive interface allows for easy updating and page generation.

Using the established foundations for technical and knowledge-sharing solutions, the internal team is empowered to expand and enhance the platform. The relationship between OPIN and the government team continues as we work together to provide additional functionality and upgrades to the portal, helping them continue to modernize and transform their services delivery.

nota bene

The Government promised to replace the old website and create an online presence that is user-friendly and accessible. They succeeded!

The Results

The user-centric approach has been welcomed.  The Government of Bermuda is a very satisfied client. Government stakeholders and site visitors have reacted positively to the first phase of work.

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