2015 Canada Winter Games

The 2015 Canada Winter Games was the largest multi-sport and cultural event to ever be held in Northern British Columbia. We built them the technology, including a mobile site that could be blown up onto 52 inch screens scattered about town.

2015 Canada Winter Games

According to TechRepublic, stadiums are racing to digitize. Appealing to changing demographics, attempting to lure fans away from the TV and into the arena and attempts to boost revenues are all behind the push to connect, the publication notes.

The Canada Games wanted something that would allow attendees at the event to see results, schedules, and local tourist information in real time. OPIN configured a mobile website that enabled these features.

To meet these objectives, stadiums are making huge efforts to incorporate new and emerging technologies. The 2015 Canada Winter Games were no exception, and this year made a strong push to connect in an attempt to appeal to a changing demographic and lure fans into the stadium.  They wanted something that would allow attendees at the event to see results, schedules, and local tourist information in real time. Digital technology is opening up the tremendous potential to make an already exciting event more personal and profitable.

OPIN helped the Games get up close and personal by creating a mobile website to provide the most useful and relevant information not only on the various events but also on the venue so the attention could be devoted to the athletes and the impressive journeys that brought them there. The mobile site allowed users to buy tickets, navigate Prince George, B.C. grounds as well as find specific venues and events - amongst a number of other helpful functions. It provided cultural schedules, what to do and eat, maps, times and weather. It also featured instant scores, provided medal standings and profiles of all the athletes attending from all over Canada. 

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"With the majority of the population utilizing smartphones today, we wanted to give people the opportunity to have easy access to 2015 Games information all in one place, wherever they go, and we’re thrilled to work with OPIN Software on another project."
STUART BALLANTYNE - 2015 Canada Games Winter CEO

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