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Agile Project Management
Maximize project management flexibility using Agile.
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Collaborative Agile Project Management

The Agile project management approach keeps clients involved and engaged throughout the entire project. Our agile team capitalizes on the skills of the entire team and is constantly communicating project details with clients. Agile ensures that your voice is heard and that your feedback is included.

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Flexibility and On-Time Delivery

Agile lets you see your project as it is built. Regular touchpoints will show you the progress of the project and allows for opportunities to address issues or concerns as they arise. Daily scrum meetings enable our Agile team to predict the project timeline to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.

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Gain Project Control

Agile emphasizes always having a working product as well as providing consistent delivery of fully functioning features of the website. We develop requirements for the definition of done in each sprint so that at sprint reviews our client can use the completed features to ensure they meet expectations.

OPIN introduced a phased rapid development process and an in-depth exploration of the personas (internal and external) who depend on the website. This marks a contrast from past development experiences when giant requirements documents were drafted, handed to developers, and after months of work, there was a big reveal. The process ensured all our needs were met and the project was developed in a gradual process that ensured our complete buy-in and satisfaction.

Michael Curran
Publisher, Ottawa Business Journal
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