Adaptive CMOs Need Agility

If you want to succeed as a modern CMO, you need to be agile. Under your leadership, the marketing team needs to be responsive to constantly changing customer needs.

Today’s CMO is expected to be extraordinarily adaptive. This means that the CMO, and by extension, their marketing department, needs to be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. Consumers are more fickle and demanding than ever. Their needs are constantly changing, and they expect businesses to be ready to respond. If a CMO is not prepared to adapt to these changing needs, their marketing efforts are futile. Adopting an agile mindset and allowing it to permeate the marketing department is the solution for CMOs that want to equip their organization to adapt.

Agility in marketing

In Directing the Agile Organisation: A Lean Approach to Business Management, Evan Leybourn defines agility as the “ability of a business system to rapidly respond to change.” The objective of agility is to eliminate what is known as “organizational trauma” that so often paralyzes businesses that attempt to adapt to changing markets. The key to agility is a shift in mentality. CMOs need to view change as a routine part of organizational life, woven into the fabric of how the business operates. Making this transition means that the organization can begin to eliminate barriers to change and enable the CMO to develop strategies that place them ahead of competitors on marketing activities.

Adaptation is a necessity

Modern consumers expect businesses to respond to their changing needs instantaneously. Stalwart businesses are guaranteed to fail because they are unwilling to adapt to these needs. The key to gaining a competitive edge in this fast-paced world is to respond to the market faster than your competitors. If you adopt an agile mentality, your organization can go from reactive to proactive, allowing you to bring your ideas to fruition faster than competitors.

It’s important to note that agility isn’t solely about speed. It’s also about disregarding old rules when they no longer serve you. As a CMO, you can no longer cling to the things you thought you knew. Sometimes the data you have is only relevant for months, weeks or even days. Committing to an agile mentality means being prepared to discard old strategies and start over when necessary.

Today’s marketing teams need to improve coordination with other departments. If the rest of the organization is not aligned with an adaptive marketing strategy, agility becomes useless. CMOs need to take ownership of the agile strategy across the organization. This means not only being proactive with marketing activities but taking the same proactive approach to product design, operational teams and every other department that interacts with marketing.

Customers are demanding more than ever from companies. The only way to respond to these demands is to adapt. Agility is your tool to remain competitive in the marketplace. Transitioning to an agile approach to marketing is the only way to secure your organization’s future.

As a company that has agility built into its business plan, we understand what it means to adapt and adapt well. If you are interested in applying these same principles to your organization chat with someone on our team today!