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The Power of Decoupled Drupal Solutions with Angular
Drupal, in conjunction with the Angular front-end framework, provides the leading platform for decoupled web solutions - one of the most important trends in a rapidly shifting digital landscape.

The Power of Decoupled Drupal Solutions with Angular

The ways people use the Internet are in constant swing: the traditional, static desktop experience is falling out of date as web experiences are spreading across platforms, from wearable technologies to kitchen appliances. Creating seamless, intuitive experiences and a fully interactive native application experience at all times across all devices will soon become the norm in this shifting digital landscape. At OPIN, we accomplish this through mastery of two technologies: Drupal and Angular.

One major trend spreading rapidly in the web development community is decoupled content management systems.

These headless content management systems (CMS) leverage client-side frameworks that provide the flexibility to build highly interactive pages while retaining the robust structure provided by the Drupal CMS. Keeping core elements of the Drupal CMS intact is necessary to provide a highly scalable foundation that facilitates front-end development of interactive assets with front-end frameworks like Angular.

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Drupal 8 is the leading platform for decoupled web solutions. Significant enhancements have been made since its release three years ago to align the open source technology with decoupled solutions, including a number of modules developed specifically to support Angular. These modules offer powerful functionality such as dynamically inserting Angular components as Drupal blocks, allowing Drupal front-end developers to seamlessly integrate the technologies.  

The use of decoupled frameworks gives web developers the flexibility to provide a more engaging and frictionless experience. This is accomplished by application-like functionality offering high levels of interactivity, such as new information being displayed automatically without hitting refresh, faster, optimistic feedback mechanisms, and non-blocking user interfaces that display as much information as possible before the page fully loads.

At OPIN, we always strive to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Consequently, we have adopted the Angular framework into the front-end development of many of our enterprise Drupal projects to deliver powerful experiences, faster. We use our Agile development methodology in conjunction with the Angular framework to rapidly produce high-quality code, architecture, user experience, and general functionality.


Earlier this year, OPIN’s team produced a decoupled architecture built with the Angular framework for a major enterprise in the petroleum industry. The client tapped OPIN for their thorough expertise in Angular, including strategy, design, and development.

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