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Digital Donations: Non Profit Trends
Understanding the modern digital environment is the key to succeeding in the charity and non-profit sector.

Digital Donations: Non Profit Trends

Technology has completely revolutionized the way consumers interact with businesses. Advancements in technology have resulted in a shift in fundraising environment for charities and non-profits. These changes have left charities and non-profits with no choice but to embrace their new digital landscape. Most charities and non-profits have donation buttons directly on their website homepages. Making digital donations easier is a great first step, but these buttons are not enough for donor engagement. Organizations must focus on ways to provide better services to donors, communities, and their members. In the age of technology, donors continue to seek value and sense of worth when donating to a good cause. We're going to provide you with digital trends and how they're impacting the business environment for charities and non-profits.

Below are five digital trends and their impacts on charities and non-profits.

Disruption of Conventional Charitable Contribution

The biggest digital trend affecting contributions for charities and non-profits is the growth of social networks and mobile devices. Nearly everybody possesses a smartphone that can easily be used to make a donation. It's no longer necessary for a donor with a smartphone and well-versed in the use of technology to search for formal charities and non-profits to make donations. Charities have to adopt new technology and appeal to mobile and social media users for donations.

Paradigm Shift in Charity Accountability

Technology has changed the concept of accountability as it pertains to charities and non-profits. Donors now have real-time access to information at their fingertips, thanks to technology. They can easily understand the impacts their donations have on society.

Peer-to-Peer Influence on Funding

Technology has emerged as a game-changer as it lets people come together and make donations for a cause they care about. Through crowdfunding, people can easily donate to support what they perceive as a good cause. Sharing a story via social media platforms on issues affecting people is an efficient way of bringing donors, fundraisers, and well-wishers together. Online fundraising is an effective way of raising significant amounts of money for your charity or non-profit organization. There are a number of crowdfunding tools available that make it easier than ever to raise the funds your organization needs.

Value and Transparency are Key

Charities and non-profits exist to solve social and environmental problems. It's therefore very crucial to showcase their effects on donors. Technology will accelerate development of new ways for charities and non-profits to reconnect with donors and the public. We've experienced a paradigm shift in the manner in which donations are made, and how people seek personal value. Although giving is enough, charities and non-profits have to show the impacts the contributions have made.

Digital Technology is the New Way of Donating

It is well known that the advent of mobile technology has transformed the way donations are made. A report by Dunham + Company indicates that donors have embraced mobile technology to make donations. People in support of a humanitarian crisis can now use their mobile devices to contribute to a non-profit organization.


These five digital trends will impact charities and non-profits for years to come. Understanding the impact of technology in this sector is crucial to continued success in engaging donors and creating value.

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