Mobile-First vs Mobile-Responsive Design
How to develop a design approach that engages your audience on the right device, at the right time using two different approaches to design. In this piece, our design experts at OPIN break it all down for you.

Mobile-First vs Mobile-Responsive Design

What does mobile vs responsive design actually mean?

Mobile design (also known as mobile-first design) and responsive design (or mobile-responsive design) describe two different approaches that designers can take when designing for multiple devices on the web. One can either start with mobile-first in mind or desktop-first in mind, and ensure all other devices are responsive from those respective starting points.

Illustrating the difference between designing for mobile first or for desktop first

Designing for mobile first and scaling across to desktop or designing for desktop first and scaling down to mobile

Both methods have their pros and cons. By understanding both approaches and taking into account client budgets and business goals, you can determine which end of the design spectrum - mobile-first or mobile-responsive - is more appropriate for your project.

Drupal 8 focuses on the growing mobile world.

With the inclusion of new modules, changes brought forth from the community and the input from the Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative.


Drupal 8 logo

Drupal 8 is a powerful platform for implementing mobile solutions. Built specifically for the mobile-first world, Drupal 8 is an increasingly popular platform for large organizations due to its scalability and its well-known responsiveness on all devices. With thousands of contributed modules and themes dedicated specifically to improving Drupal’s mobile performance, it is clear that Drupal’s massive open source community stands firmly behind the mobile initiative.

At OPIN, our team builds award-winning digital solutions on all devices that include UI and UX design, development, and support exclusively on the Drupal content management system for enterprises and governments.

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