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The Nonprofit Digital Landscape
With changing trends in the nonprofit landscape, efficient leaders need to adjust their digital strategy in order to continue to meet their fundraising goals and to get their message out to the public. Read on to learn how to increase your nonprofit's impact by harnessing the latest trends in digital marketing and technology.

The Nonprofit Digital Landscape

Engage Donors At Every Level

Fundraising has always been about identifying and engaging prospective donors by learning about their philanthropic interests and then cultivating those relationships to encourage lifelong giving. Digital platforms give nonprofits new opportunities to attract and inform prospective donors and build a relationship.   

  • Website - your website is often a starting point for people who want to learn more about what you do, so keep that in mind when you're designing your site. An easy to navigate, a mobile-friendly site is essential, so that visitors can find exactly what they're looking for. Many times, people come to your site for information, so make sure that each page on your site has a clear objective, and is laid out well. And it's important to make your donation page easy to find. The simpler it is to donate, the more likely people are going to do it! Add donation buttons to the top or sidebar of every page, so no visitor has to go searching for it. And if you aren't using PayPal, consider it. PayPal makes it even easier for donors to make a gift, which means it's more likely that they will do so if you offer PayPal. 
  • Social Media - chatbots and chat apps are a huge trend right now, so include these in your digital strategy. You can use a chatbot to answer basic questions, let people know more about your mission, and collect information about visitors. In addition, you can use Facebook as a platform for fundraising. Use social media as a place to showcase all the latest achievements of your organization, and as a place to engage with people who are interested in what you do.
  • Email lists - while the email list has been a staple of organizations for many years, email marketing is far from dying out. Email is still an extremely valuable way to provide constituents with news and information, and with email marketing tools, you can easily customize and personalize emails for different groups. Keep your emails short, use visually stunning images, and make sure your emails are mobile friendly!

Measure Your Impact

Tools like Google Analytics and social media insights make it easy to see which of your strategies are having the most impact. Use these tools to find out information like how people are finding your website, what your most popular posts and pages are, and how many people are opening your emails. Chart this data to see trends, and determine which platforms and tools work best for your unique cause.

As a nonprofit professional, you often have to wear lots of hats, so it's important to know that your digital strategies are running smoothly and effectively. With a little time and research, you can stay up to date on the ever-changing digital trends.

OPIN understands how crucial it is for a non-profit organization to develop a strong online presence. We have been working with countless organizations to help them uplift their websites to attract more donors and more engagement. As the digital world involves, all industries have to keep up with the advancements or else they will fall behind.

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