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Open Source: Revolutionizing Digital Communication Capabilities in the Public Sector
Open source software has been a pillar in private sector organizations for years, as the value that it brings to businesses is indisputable. When it comes to the responsibilities that people with careers in marketing and communications have, open-source gives them the ability to streamline everyday tasks by making content management simpler and more user-friendly, which in turn improves the overall efficiency of operations, and increases citizen engagement.

Open Source: Revolutionizing Digital Communication Capabilities in the Public Sector

Often, marketing and communications practices in the public and private sectors are approached differently, however, when it comes to project goals, structure, and processes, both are also similar. Both need to utilize content management software that offers their audience a digital experience that is impactful and at the same time, user-friendly. 

The concept of open source software might seem intimidating for a marketer because of the assumption that it is geared toward marketers with a certain level of technical knowledge and experience. However, Drupal 8 was specifically designed for the marketer, as it has the ability to integrate various marketing automation tools and language translation tools. Drupal is a robust content management software that sets itself apart from other open-source platforms with its flexibility, reliability, and security features. Drupal makes the marketer’s job much simpler with its layout management control, third-party integrations and easy content authoring, to name a few features.

The Need for Open Source Software in the Public Sector

Public sector organizations, NGOs and nonprofits all operate differently compared to private sector businesses. Government organizations, like any organization, face their share of operational challenges. Organizations within the public sector are often hindered by slow procurement processes and stringent regulations. However operations within government organizations are changing, with the adoption of open source software there will be a more agile approach to managing the digital presence of an organization. Becoming more agile will improve operational efficiency for projects that involve people from different teams such as public relations or communications, who are all responsible for maintaining the digital presence of the organization, with up-to-date, relevant content. The need for a content management system that is capable of keeping up with the demands of your ongoing projects is prudent. 

Not only does an open source CMS improve the marketing and communications operations internally, but it also provides a more engaging experience for those consuming your content. Drupal allows marketing and communications teams within government agencies to deliver content in a manner that the public has grown to expect. Improved content delivery becomes seamless. 

Improving Overall Efficiency

Using Drupal as your CMS allows marketing or communications teams within the government to provide their audience with a seamless digital experience. Many organizations within the public sector have several different employees working on a number of different teams managing the content of a site. Drupal helps improve the workflow of marketing teams in a few different ways. With Drupal your audience is able to engage with your campaigns and content on their preferred devices thanks to the “create once, publish everywhere” philosophy, content is optimized for any device. Drupal 8 lets marketers add, store and reuse media such as videos, photos, remote videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly into an article. Layout management control allows teams to create and manage multiple reusable layouts in a user-friendly interface. 

Drupal not only comes equipped with the tools that marketers and communications teams need, but there are multiple modules that allow for a highly customizable marketing experience that allows them to tailor-make the ways that they can conduct outreach and engage audiences. These features help marketers and communications teams with managing their content with ease, making the content easy to consume for your audience.  

Flexibility, Security and Increasing Citizen Engagement

Open government ideology focuses on transparency, meaning that the citizens are able to access government-held information. Open government has expanded to include the participation and collaboration of the citizens through the use and implementation of modern technologies. Although the open government principles have expanded to include technologies like open-source software, security is a huge concern when it comes to the digital presence of government organizations. Drupal offers a high degree of flexibility and security as Drupal contributors are constantly testing and improving the code, thus exposing vulnerabilities before they become threats. 


The objective of the government and other public sector organizations is to serve citizens. Public sector websites are a key communication channel for citizens to get information pertaining to a wide range of issues. Using Drupal as your CMS will build accessibility into its core, as accessibility is a key component of Drupal’s architecture. Drupal ensures your site is compliant with the (WCAG) accessibility guidelines. The accessibility features in Drupal provide tools to help people with disabilities navigate a site, ensuring that everyone is able to have their individual accessibility needs met and have a positive digital experience.  

User engagement is an important part of the success of your site, targeted or personalized content helps marketing teams reach their audience. Features like Smart Content offer different displays based on browser conditions. Installing different modules based on the goals of your project ensures that your message is conveyed in an effective manner.  

An open-source content management system like Drupal simplifies the daily tasks of people working on marketing and communications teams within the public sector. Drupal is equipped with features that enable marketers to efficiently convey their message to the public by streamlining publishing and creation efforts within public sector teams. Drupal creates better citizen engagement while maintaining a secure digital environment. This establishes the basis for providing the public with the modern digital experience that they expect from NGOs and government organizations.

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