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OPIN Enhances 2017 Summer Games and Beyond
The 2017 Summer Games in Winnipeg are now close enough to start blocking days out on the calendar, which means that OPIN Software is once again working with the Canada Games Council to create an informative digital display for attendees and spectators.

OPIN Enhances 2017 Summer Games and Beyond

We’re also looking forward to the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, where we plan on building on each of our past experiences to create an even better digital experience for visitors. 

We began creating mobile applications and large screen displays for the sports venues in 2015 when we initially took on the project for the Prince George Host Society. For Winnipeg, OPIN is creating a mobile application that can be used by coaches, athletes, parents and visitors to easily access vital game information whenever they want it, wherever they happen to be. Whether one is seeking venue information, schedules, or other game-related information, OPIN is currently designing the app to be comprehensive, intuitive, and widely adopted. As we apply data and insight from our past experiences, every iteration of the app becomes smoother and more user-friendly. 

We’re bringing this same attitude toward the large screen venue displays. In Prince George, we had approximately 80 large screens; for Winnipeg, we’re working on developing an interface that allows audience members to simply glance up at dynamic info kiosks. These kiosks will display information including medal counts, sponsor promotions, transportation and other updates. The idea is to create a seamless experience; instead of having to laboriously track down information, OPIN’s displays will help remove any confusion or feelings of being overwhelmed by the size and scale of the event. Everyone can focus on enjoying the games, and stop worrying about the logistics. 

As with every project we undertake, OPIN is always looking toward the future. We’re already anticipating our two-year digital countdown celebration for the 2019 Winter Games in Red Deer, which will undoubtedly be accompanied by some very tangible festivities in Alberta (you might want to start planning your trip now!). As with all of our projects, we relish the opportunity to convey the enthusiasm and excitement of these games in crisp, elegant, and easily accessible digital design. For both OPIN and the Canada Games, the next few years are already promising to be ones of mutual success and enjoyment.

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