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OPIN Now Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association
It’s been said many times, and it will always be true; community is the back bone of Drupal. As a company, we strive to put as much into the Drupal community as we do in client projects.

OPIN Now Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association

The Drupal Association has been a huge part of Drupal's success. They have focused on fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth.

Through resources, networks and funding through individual members and organizations, the association launches new projects and initiatives to support the growth of Drupal. We’re proud to be the first Canadian company to be partnering with the Drupal Association as a Premium Supporting Partner.

"The release of Drupal 8 is a very important milestone in the history of our community. It represents the hard work of our membership over the last five years, who have helped collectively and individually contribute to our success. Today, more than ever before, we depend on our members for both technological advancement and community support," said Chris Smith, CEO, OPIN Software.

"Therefore, I am proud to announce that OPIN has become an official Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association. We look forward to working with the Drupal Association in supporting the community within Canada, as we move forward into this new and exciting time." 

Funding from Drupal Association partners directly supports Drupal.org and the people who constantly contribute to building and improving the platform. 

“Our supporting partners are incredibly important to the health of the Drupal project,” said Holly Ross, the Drupal Association's Executive Director. 

“By becoming a Premium Supporting Partner, OPIN Software is helping grow the Drupal community around the world by helping fund DrupalCons, Community Cultivation Grants, and improvements to Drupal.org.”