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Sports Should Embrace Digital Transformation
Digital is changing the game in the sports industry forever. In sports, digital is at the core of every engagement made with the sport, the team or the event organizer. Engagement channels span across social media, websites, apps, digitized payments, and live streaming.

Sports Should Embrace Digital Transformation

As the industry begins to depend increasingly on digital, sports organizations can no longer simply “keep up.” To take a digital-first approach, businesses need to embrace digital transformation and rethink how they approach work from the ground up.

Why Digital Transformation Matters in Sport

Digital transformation is the catalyst for massive improvements in efficiency, innovation, and customer experience. As people become more digitally inclined, they expect their favourite sports teams, organizations and events to follow suit. Whether it’s as simple as providing an online schedule, or as complex as building a mobile app for live event streams, customers demand it. If they don’t get the digital experience they are looking for, they will go elsewhere.

For digitally mature sports organizations, digital presence has been intrinsically transformed so that a seamless digital experience can be provided. By focusing on the ultimate experience, organizations no longer compete only on the field of play. The new competition is in digital experience: what are the organization’s website, social media, video streaming, and gaming capabilities?

Digital transformation in the sports industry is deeper than simply implementing new technology. It's about aligning organization and strategy to the behaviours and expectations of customers, partners, and fans.

Benefits of a Shift in Mentality

Approaching digital from the ground up in a holistic way is the key to unlocking vast benefits for the organization. Organizations that adopt this approach are able to revitalize the way they do business. The most obvious benefit is in the fan experience. Digital ticketing decreases wait times and makes it easier to safely resell tickets. Mobile apps allow fans easy access to all the info they need in real time, and live streaming can bring in an extra revenue source for the organization. Social media is a hotbed for sports fans that allows your business to track trends and market changes in real time.

For sports organizations, it’s now or never for digital transformation. If you cannot keep up with competitors in the digital space, you will be left behind. It is no longer enough to engage with stakeholders digitally. Digital has to be at the core of how your business lives and breathes. OPIN works actively with sports organizations to help keep them ahead of the curve.

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