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Stylesheets in Drupal 8: Removing and Overriding
The new info.yml file properties for removing and overriding stylesheets in Drupal 8 has resolved many of the issues that we experienced in previous versions.

Stylesheets in Drupal 8: Removing and Overriding

In Drupal 7, there was a stylesheets[] property for theme .info files, which allowed to

  • add new CSS files of a theme or base theme
  • override (replace) CSS files that were previously added by a module or base theme in a theme
  • remove CSS files of a module or base theme

The facility to override and remove CSS files was partially broken in that it caused the replacement CSS files to be loaded in a different order/position than the original, and all other meta/loading properties of the original CSS file got lost, since the file essentially was re-defined from scratch.  This rendered the override/remove facility of the stylesheets[] property useless for most cases and theme authors had to resort to writing relatively complex PHP code to achieve the correct behaviour.

The problem has been fixed in Drupal 8 by introducing dedicated and separate theme .info.yml file properties for adding, overriding, and removing stylesheets.

Example of new properties:


# Add a new CSS file:
    - layout.css

# Override a CSS file:
  - system.theme.css

# Remove a CSS file:
  - node.css


For more information regarding removing and overriding stylesheets in Drupal 8, please see

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