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We Just Launched Our First Site on Drupal 8
Only a day after the end-of-life of Drupal 6, the Actra Fraternal Benefit Society just launched their new website on Drupal 8.

We Just Launched Our First Site on Drupal 8

The OPIN team started working with the AFBS team on the website in December 2015, only a couple of weeks after the latest version of the platform was launched.

AFBS had previously been using a custom content management system that was expensive to maintain.  They wanted a website they could manage themselves. Moving to Drupal was the obvious choice. 

"They selected Drupal 8 because they wanted to future-proof their project," said Ash Ahmadzadeh, the Tech Lead on the project. "It’s a different project because it’s our first Drupal 8 project, and we decided to go decoupled, meaning the backend is managed by Drupal 8 but the front-end is managed by AngularJS. Drupal 8 was the way to go for decoupled because it has a lot of the REST APIs built in."

In other words, it's now easier for the internal team at AFBS to add new or modify content. As companies evolve, their websites have to as well. Drupal 8 has made that process considerably easier. 

It was a great first project using Drupal 8, and the result speaks for itself. With over 200 new features and improvements and 99,899 users and developers actively contributing to the Drupal 8 software, the platform's success will continue for years to come.