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Web Design Tips for Sports Organizations
Web design for sports organizations presents a unique set of challenges. Here are some quick tips for designing your organization's website.

Web Design Tips for Sports Organizations

Sports organizations have many different types of stakeholders to consider when designing a website. For this reason, there are some unique things to consider for your sports website. Check out these tips for designing new websites for sports organizations.


Whether your organization only hosts local events, or whether it is involved in international sports, you will need multiple languages for your website. It’s important to design your website with all stakeholders in mind. This includes athletes, fans, partners, and sponsors, whether local or international. When creating content in multiple languages, it doesn’t suffice just to translate. It is important to create multi-language content in a way that captures the intended message rather than just translating directly.

Website content

A good content strategy is integral to a sports website. Aligning your content calendar with engaging social media posts is crucial. Fans, athletes, and sponsors are constantly looking for new content, particularly media, to engage with. Sharing videos and images in a timely manner is the best way to grow your audience. To develop partnerships, it’s also important to create branded sponsor content. The key is to manage and publish all of this content. This is where your CMS comes into play. With the right CMS, you can schedule all content for future publishing, manage all assets and see where everything is published on your website.


Live streams, mobile ticketing, and notifications are the current biggest trends in sports. If you’re not providing these tools to your stakeholders, you’re missing the core functionality they are looking for. Interactive live streams are the future of sports. Fans want to engage with each other while watching events on a high-quality stream. When attending events, they don’t want to print tickets. Using mobile ticketing to check in and find their seats is what makes events seamless for the fans in attendance. Providing updates via notification also helps stakeholders engage with your organization, whether it’s event updates, promotions or sports news.

Local guides

When fans, sponsors and event attendees visit from out of town, they are looking for an effortless experience. Helping them understand transit, accommodations and tourist activities in the area can greatly enhance their event experience. When it comes time for the event, you need to help users get to the venue, and know where to go once they arrive. Providing detailed information puts visitors at ease, whether they are fans, athletes or sponsors.


These web design tips are only possible with the right tools. Using a CMS like Drupal will give you full control over the visitor experience on your website. Positioning your organization with all of your stakeholders in mind will optimize that experience.

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