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Web Design Trends Developing in 2018
Technology is rapidly evolving with each passing day. Newer trends are coming up, and with 2018 underway, it's time to brush up on a couple of these trends.

Web Design Trends Developing in 2018

In case you’re wondering how to start out, here’s a list of the coolest web design trends that are truly revolutionizing our web space this year.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The importance of responsive web design has been increasing for several years, and this persistent trend doesn’t seem to be taking a halt anytime soon. According to a report in Statista, in the year 2016, about 43.6% of the website traffic (on a global level) was driven by mobile phones and tablets. This was 35.1% more than the previous year. Owing to these figures, it is pretty evident that mobile-friendly design will be highly demanded. Many mainstream media sources have reported that Google will be launching their latest Mobile First Index in the first quarter of 2018. This program will give more importance to the responsive version of your site by making it the first result in any Google search. This makes it all the more necessary for you to work on a solid, mobile-friendly design.

Just like the design, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are getting decent popularity. If you still don’t know about AMP, this is simply a high-level open-source coding standard that allows publishers to quickly load their websites on mobile devices. While conventional mobile sites can come with small glitches, AMP enhances your mobile experience by simplifying the code. In addition to this, it also uses added resources for running scripts and accessing media files (in parallel) which further ensures that the pages are loaded almost instantly.

Whether you’re coming up with an entirely new site, or are working on an existing site, AMP is a "must-have" for 2018. None of your prospective customers will enjoy a site which turns out to be clunky. So if you’re looking to up your game, make sure you incorporate this latest trend before your competitors.

Motion User Interface

The interface has been a primary concern for developers over several years. Even the coolest design ends up being pointless if it doesn’t carry the necessary information. Specifically designed for mobile applications, a motion user interface will use animations and other interactive effects for alerting users about actions and other relevant components. The best part- it’ll also add life and elegance to your projects. This very technology of motion user interface will come with an extensive range of customization which, in turn, will let the developers pick from several options to finally create a beautiful and incredibly functional website. Some of the best examples of motion would be the feature of easing, obscuring, cloning, coming up with parallax structures, parenting, dimensioning and delaying the offset. These features will not only help developers in designing the site according to their discretion, but it’ll also make the final result fun and a tad more interactive.

Unconventional Fonts and Bright Colours

Your latest website is chic, modern and incredibly sleek. So, in order to complement this modern style of design, you’ll need the kind of font that’ll truly stand out. Bold font styles can be a great option here, as it’ll allow users to focus more on your content. The additional whitespace, on the other hand, will make it easier for your audience to read and browse through your content. When teamed up together, both these styles perfectly complement each other. As people usually spend a couple of seconds (which can range to a couple of minutes, at the most) on your website, you’ll have to grab their attention with bold colours and unconventional design that truly stands out. Your final goal should be to come up with an interactive, yet easy to operate website which will not only keep your users hooked, but will also convert them to paying customers.

In 2018, we are witnessing a series of experimentations with these fonts. This is also the year which is likely to replace images with unconventional fonts and colours. The added tweak will turn out to be more relevant for mobile users. This is because, unlike the images which are likely to slow down a page, tweaking the size of your font wouldn’t really impact your performance. This will also create cleaner lines on your website/app which in turn will make your calls to action pop out. Big buttons, hero shots, and clickable images are no longer in fashion. So it’s time to focus more on quirky and unique typographic expressions.

The Evolution of AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI is not just restricted to sci-fi movies. This new technology has already made its way into mainstream web design via technologies like interactive interfaces (your regular chatbots). According to Elaine Lee, product designer at eBay, it’s very likely that you’re already using AI in your regular lives, without knowing about it in the first place. As individuals, we are becoming more accustomed to communicating with bots and that is exactly why we’ll have more conversational and interactive interfaces in our regular design. While in some situations it’ll be used for demonstrating artificial intelligence, there are many other situations when they will be designed to look natural and completely visible. Lee also conforms to this fact and feels that in 2018, we are already witnessing an extensive use and operation of AI, in the design and interface of websites.

One-Page Websites

One-page websites were pretty popular last year, and according to latest predictions, the trend is growing in 2018. The idea of these websites is pretty simple. As evident from the name, the websites will only come with one page where the navigation will primarily depend on the users’ scrolling trends. At times it’ll also use links that either jump up or down a page to a specific section.

The biggest benefit of this trend is its simplicity. It doesn’t come with a traverse of deep-menu or complex navigation. The design also works amazingly on mobile devices which use scrolling as a common method of navigation. This trend is incredibly awesome because not only will it offer a simple answer to all your online requirements, but also because it is simple to set up and even simpler to operate.

These web design trends are only a taste of the exciting change we are witnessing in 2018.

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