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What Does Your Mobile Audience Tell You?
Almost every person in North America owns a smartphone. Smartphones, for many, are a primary source of information. The mobile audience for your business is one of the most lucrative and highly-engaged marketing groups you can find.

What Does Your Mobile Audience Tell You?

In the digital world, mobile marketing is one of the easiest ways for marketers to reach a massive audience. Ensuring mobile marketing is effectively carried out is, however, a big challenge for most CMOs. Push notifications and mobile-optimized ads delivered to consumers must be able to add value to the consumer as well as the business. Without measuring the impact of everything you present to your mobile audience, you will never be able to optimize your marketing efforts.

Multidimensional Audiences

A multidimensional mobile audience is characterized by diverse interests. When only a single variable is considered in consumer mobile data, the audience you market to is of a single dimension. In order to effectively understand the members of your audience, you need to treat them as a multidimensional person with diverse interests, inside and outside of your industry.

To properly identify target audiences, marketers should consider more than one attribute of consumers. Creating a broad array of attributes for customers broadens the scope of the audience and improves the accuracy of the results. In the end, the consumer persona developed will be a holistic one.

Consider Every Source

When it comes to mobile marketing, every piece of information provided by the consumer is essential in developing the full picture. Mobile users may not give you everything you need in one place. With most people using smartphones throughout their entire day, data is scattered across different applications, subscriptions, messages, and device characteristics. To effectively develop an accurate picture of consumers’ needs and lifestyles, considering all available data is critical.

Creating a Persona

In order to create an accurate persona, you need a holistic view of the user. Take the example of a user of your workout app. You can learn what workouts they prefer, but that single data point is not enough. Perhaps you can prompt them to add their height, weight and gender to a user profile within the app. You could then analyze their use of a diet app to understand their dietary behaviours. Finally, you could examine their in-app purchases to place them at an estimated income level. This would allow you to serve targeted ads, promotions, newsletters and more to the consumer.

Information is power. Mobile marketers must demand all relevant information from consumers to be effective in their job. That is the only way for you a marketer to succeed when pitted against competitors that have access to the same or more information. What story does your mobile audience tell you?

We understand the user interface of a mobile application has to tell a story and captivate the user. From this, you are able to gain valuable data marketing on mobile properly. Creating a platform that is user-friendly, efficient and allows the developer to see where improvements need to be made. OPIN has worked on ambitious mobile application projects like this.

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