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What's new in Drupal 8.6?
The brand new Drupal 8.6 upgrade brings to the table a number of enhancements, affecting almost all facets of the platform. Drupal users will be delighted to know that the platform has become even more user-friendly, and addresses a number of key issues brought forth by the community. What is new in Drupal version 8.6? What do these upgrades mean to enterprise Drupal users?

Drupal 8.6 has something for everyone. Check out what's new!

1. Migration has become seamless

The update features the ability for users who come from Drupal 6 and 7 to update their Migrate Drupal and Migrate Drupal UI modules more easily. For organizations hesitating to upgrade from an older version, this will make it much easier. Drupal 8 was designed with marketers and content creators in mind. Empower your organization’s conversion experts by providing them with the tools they need.

2. Built-in support for embedding media

Seen in this update is a new module that allows you to embed media in a more stable way providing you access to many media types as well as the ability to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. Video content is an incredibly powerful conversion tool. Embedded content saves you the effort of re-uploading videos and improves page load times. New media tools allow you to diversify your organization’s content delivery methods, more effectively captivating and converting your audience.

3. Improved layout capabilities

With your Drupal website, you are now able to customize the layout of your landing pages even more with improved layout capabilities. For example, being able to provide more layout options instead of just stacking components on top of one another is an important tool for advanced site builders. The update also sees the ability to add customized content, unique to a specific layout. This allows you to create custom landing pages that are designed to convert your customers more effectively.  

4. New Umami demo profile

The new demo profile is a significant addition to the platform. Umami is a prebuilt demo site that all Drupal 8.6 users have access to. It showcases the most compelling features of Drupal wrapped into one perfectly-designed site that you are able to use immediately when downloading the update. Whether you are a digital agency presenting Drupal to clients, or an internal stakeholder attempting to migrate your CMS, this tool is invaluable. Umami outlines key features that can help demonstrate how the platform meets the needs of an enterprise.

5. Ability to rebuild sites from existing configuration

The Drupal installer has improved significantly in this update. Possessing the ability to automatically recognize previous configuration settings, the upgrade provides options to rebuild a new site directly from an older configuration. It does this by pulling content from the cloud instead of locally. Save your organization time and money by upgrading to Drupal 8.6. No longer will you have to rebuild or reconfigure with each upgrade. You can always have the latest version of Drupal, enabling key features without risking your digital presence in the process.

Drupal 8.6 is an exciting update that brings enhancements to the world’s leading open-source enterprise CMS. This upgrade gives your organization new tools to connect with your audience across your online presence. What does your upgrade path look like? Are you ready for Drupal 8.6? 

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