Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a TV these days and perhaps fewer still who don’t have a thing to say about cable providers. The CRTC wanted to hear from all of them.

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

In September, 2013, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission announced a national conversation about the future of television.

The CRTC wanted to hold flash conferences that would allow Canadians to speak their mind on the issues they had with the television services and needed a high quality intranet to accomplish this.

Dubbed Let’s Talk TV, it asked Canadians to hold “flash conferences” with friends and colleagues talking about TV, or phone or write to the CRTC to voice their frustrations with the system, and outline how things might change. The Commission wanted to hear from as many Canadians as possible and needed the right software to power it. 

OPIN implemented its online consultation platform, to ensure smooth, effective online consultations. It ensured a painless and time efficient process for both the participants and the organization. The regulator received over 10,000 comments from Canadians across the country. With so much feedback, the organization was then in a position to make an informed decision that would better represent the preferences while overcoming the concerns of its stakeholders. 

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“This is consistent with the CRTC’s approach to reaching out to Canadians as citizens, creators and consumers. By being more open and increasing opportunities for engagement we can develop better public policy and better deliver on our responsibilities.”


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