Industry Canada - Team Engagement

The traditional town hall was not inspiring the sort of honest discussions or engagement that managers were really hoping for and they certainly weren’t a good return on investment. It was time to go digital.

Industry Canada - Team Engagement

The results of the last town hall left much to be desired. Managers in the IT Branch at Industry Canada were disappointed by the lack of feedback and input they were openly seeking to find more meaningful and effective solutions to common problems.

They needed a system where employees could give anonymous feedback to the managers in the IT Branch. OPIN implemented an innovative intranet to solve this issue.

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The problem, they concluded, was the forum. Employees were not feeling comfortable speaking in front of so many colleagues and suggesting problems that could be linked to specific managers or initiatives. It didn’t take long for IT professionals to turn to the computer as an option. Digital platforms can provide a greater sense of anonymity and can be accessed at any time from any terminal - no travel required. 

OPIN implemented a Drupal-based online engagement and consultation platform to encourage and capture ideas, feedback and comments from employees. An email went out to employees within the branch pointing them to the online engagement tool and urging them to provide comments and input. It also included a disclaimer, noting that abusive language and expletives were not permitted and would not be included but that comments could be posted anonymously and without any fear of reprisals. The goal was to improve on existing systems and procedures and anything that contributed to that end was welcome. It worked, so well, in fact, that the exercise was expanded to the entire department to address a more diverse set of issues. 

“We are very happy we were able to support this initiative. Employee engagement can make all the difference in achieving and advancing important objectives and sometimes, all that is required is the right platform to encourage it.”