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Charities & Nonprofits
The digital world has become the most important asset to charities and nonprofits. Donors are able to make spontaneous decisions and donating online has never been easier. Find out how we help nonprofits stand out in a highly competitive online space.


Digital Donor Engagement

Digital tools provide organizations with more insight than ever into donor behaviour, but the right platform is necessary to capitalize on this data.

Today's online ecosystem favours instant experiences and instant rewards. Online retail has led the way in setting expectations for consumers, and nonprofits are now expected to meet those expectations. Our clients face an increasingly competitive landscape, where time to market and understanding donor behaviour can be the difference between success and failure. We help organizations become agile and deliver unmatched experiences to donors, using their digital tools to discover and capitalize on opportunities. We work with North America's top charities and nonprofits to tackle complex challenges, including:

  • Accelerating content delivery to remain front and centre for donors
  • Capitalizing on donor engagement and conversion opportunities using marketing and communications tools
  • Introducing end-to-end e-commerce solutions to ensure seamless donor experiences
  • Delivering accessible, multilingual experiences for global audiences

Check out the below case studies to learn how we help charities and nonprofits stay at the forefront of their marketplaces!

Child with fingerpaint that spells SOS

SOS Children's Villages Canada

With an increase in website traffic and engagement in recent years, SOS wanted to reinvent their website. In doing this, they hoped the innovative design would generate more engagement and would translate to more donations. OPIN implemented a strategic digital program to attract and engage donors for a globally recognized non-profit children’s charity.

Woman holding leaf in the woods.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is an advocacy group that represents over 2,000 municipalities across Canada. As an advocacy group, FCM sought to improve the look and feel of their online presence. OPIN’s award-winning designers produced a user interface that was not only clean and accessible but beautiful to look at and suited FCM’s brand perfectly.