Pipes and structures of an oil refinery
Energy & Utilities
Whether providing utility services or extracting and refining resources, digital communications are paramount in the natural resources industry. We help organizations deliver information to stakeholders faster and more effectively.


Digital Communications and Service

In the energy and utilities industry, communications and service are paramount. Digital solutions are crucial to delivering the experience your customers expect.

Communication is fundamental to the energy and utilities industry. Whether extracting resources, refining them or delivering them to citizens, organizations need digital solutions to engage with their stakeholders. OPIN helps enterprises in the industry to do just that, by working with them on cutting-edge projects that include tools to communicate to, engage with and provide services for stakeholders. We work with top organizations in energy and utilities to address key challenges, including:

  • Unifying web platforms to deliver cohesive brand strategy and communications
  • Designing modern web applications that leverage customer data to provide information and services
  • Creating data-driven designs that streamline web user experience
  • Ensuring the highest levels of hosting availability and data security

To learn about our work in the energy and utilities industries, check out the case studies below!

Oil workers inspecting a work site using a tablet

Irving Oil

Irving Oil and OPIN have embarked on a journey to unify Irving’s digital experience, bringing six distinct websites under a single enterprise Drupal site. The solution OPIN provided was a website that delivers an exceptional digital experience to potential customers, recruits and stakeholders on a single, easy-to-use website that reflects our brand, values and builds brand equity.