Centennial flame in front of parliament hill, Ottawa, Canada
At all levels of government, open source technology has become the gold standard, and for good reason. We help federal, state, provincial and municipal governments deliver cutting-edge experiences to citizens using open source technology.


Digital Citizenship

Individuals have high expectations for digital experience, and governments are no exception. To exceed the expectations of citizens, the public sector has to be at the forefront of the digital landscape.

Federal, state, provincial and municipal governments are grappling with the demands of today's digital world. Citizens expect rapid delivery of services and the ability to manage their information online. Moreover, the private sector has set a high bar for customer service and user experience. We work with government agencies at all levels in Canada and the United States to tackle these increasingly complex issues. Leveraging open source technology and our expertise in creating breathtaking user experiences, we help government address challenges like:

  • Delivering seamless digital experiences that surpass the private sector
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance, accessibility and data privacy
  • Accelerating and disseminating communications with citizens on important issues
  • Creating efficient workflows and reducing the cost of technology ownership

To learn more about our work with North American government agencies at all levels, check out the case studies below!

Office of the Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister

The Privy Council Office, which was acting on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office, required a website redesign that would captivate a very discerning audience and provide them with the information necessary to bolster a country. Our creative director worked tirelessly with the Prime Minister’s creative team to develop the new designs, which would later be recognized by the International Summit Creative Awards as the Best Government Web Design of 2014 and by Acquia as the 2015 Partner site of the year.

Bermuda's parliament building

Government of Bermuda

The criteria for the project centred around laying down a solid foundation for a scalable solution on a single, stable platform that can be used for future years of development and expansion. The technology needed to transform and streamline the Government’s online business processes, integrate with external assets and software systems, and “make a splash” while reaffirming the public’s faith in technology and how they would use it.