Doctor using an ipad to read a diagnosis in a hospital
The healthcare industry is moving away from cold and sterile patient experiences, to more human and welcoming experiences. Healthcare organizations are now tackling the challenge of extending that to the digital world for a seamless patient experience.
Redefining the Patient Experience

As the world of healthcare is embracing patient-centric experiences, the new challenge is to mirror this in the digital realm. We help healthcare organizations create inviting digital platforms for patients and their families.

Many hospitals and clinics have a reputation for being cold, sterile and intimidating. In spite of the services being offered, many patients are apprehensive to even visit a healthcare organization. The first step to making patients, families, and donors feel comfortable is to design inviting digital experiences. We work with healthcare organizations to extend their brand beyond the four walls of a clinic or hospital. The digital projects we craft alongside our healthcare clients help them connect with stakeholders in new ways, including:

  • Extending the physical patient experience to the digital world using new platforms and technologies
  • Redesigning user experience to help stakeholders find the information they need in an efficient way
  • Engaging with audiences in new ways, leveraging rapid content delivery and user engagement tools
  • Consolidating dispersed digital properties into singular platforms

To find out what we do for our healthcare clients, take a look at the case studies below!

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview sought to establish a digital presence that would be as inviting and easy to use as possible for their clients, primarily children and youth with physical and cognitive disabilities. To bring this vision to life, Holland Bloorview entrusted Drupal web development specialists OPIN Software with the website revamp. Their open source Drupal solution and Agile development approach coupled with the team’s award-winning expertise made them a clear choice for the job.

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Northern Health

Northern Health was in search of a solution that met all of the needs and requirements of an innovative and leading healthcare website that leveraged the latest advancements in technology, without significant investment. Our work with Northern Health involved the rebuilding of their corporate website as well as 7 other digital properties. The multisite implementation involved the migration of 8 existing websites into a single, user-centric portal that allowed citizens to find information pertaining to health services.