Northern Health

Building a streamlined and consolidated online presence to create immersive and participatory experiences for key stakeholders and target audience.

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Northern Health
OPIN's solution provides user-focused content, structure, and navigation.
OPIN leveraged their extensive UX and creative design experience to ensure that the new web-presence is directed at key audience members: Expecting Mothers, Senior Citizens.

The Client

Northern Health provides health services to 300,000 people over an area of 600,000 square kilometres in the province of British Columbia. Northern Health leads the way in promoting health, and through the efforts of dedicated staff and physicians, in partnership with communities and organizations, they provide exceptional health services for Northerners. 

The Objectives

Northern Health was in search of a solution that met all of the needs and requirements of an innovative and leading healthcare website that leveraged the latest advancements in technology, without significant investment. Our work with Northern Health involved the rebuilding of their corporate website as well as 7 other digital properties. The multisite implementation involved the migration of 8 existing websites into a single, user-centric portal that allowed citizens to find information pertaining to health services.

The Goals

Consolidate digital properties into a singular platform and create a template that can be used for future use. Restructuring information architecture to facilitate the users browsing behaviour was pivotal. Most of the time invested was redesigning the main corporate website, with the intention of using this design as a template that could be repurposed for the seven other web properties. Using the same Drupal 8 template for all the sub-sites ensured that the look and feel of each individual property are unique in its own sense.

Northern Health's new website displayed on a monitor, a laptop and a smartphone


Northern Health’s partnership with OPIN began as part of an innovative project implementing a Drupal multi-site for Northern Health and affiliated health systems, committees and subsidiaries. OPIN is happy to announce the deployment of Indigenous Health’s new Drupal 8 site as a result of this partnership. Working with their design team OPIN was able to implement all the design elements created into the Drupal 8 platform giving them a consistent look and feel to that of the rest of the Northern Health umbrella.

By creating efficiencies, and through further consolidation of content, it is important to note that we were able to reduce the number of auxiliary sites from seven to five. By pouring extensive effort and resources into a baseline, we created a reusable framework for the additional websites, ultimately reducing costs.

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