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Open Source: Force Multiplier Government Digital Transformation with Drupal Founder Dries Buytaert
November 21, 2019 was a big day for open source, specifically the Drupal community. For years now the Canadian public sector has been trying to find ways to better innovate and collaborate internally and externally within a digital space.

Open Source: Force Multiplier Government Digital Transformation with Drupal Founder Dries Buytaert

Co-founder of Acquia and founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert arrived in Ottawa to discuss the profound and impactful ways in which Drupal, one of the largest open source platforms used by public sector organizations worldwide, is creating real changes in regards to how government departments operate.

In attendance were various thought leaders in the Canadian Government, eager to hear the Drupal founder’s visions and ask burning questions about how the Drupal platform will help propel their government departments towards a more inclusive, collaborative and innovative digital leader. 

Highlighting key areas such as collaboration, innovation and accessibility, Dries also detailed the huge cost-effectiveness that Drupal offers, allowing government departments to reallocate funds from maintenance towards innovation.

image of Dries speaking at the podium at the summit.
Dries speaking at the Acquia summit.

The collaborative nature of open source is one of the most powerful features Drupal offers the public sector. In our recent article, we detailed the democratic nature of Drupal and how open source is shaping the future of the creation of government policies and their use of technology. 

Dries highlighted that although we may not see it, there are hundreds of developers in each city eager to contribute to public-facing websites, to solve problems and help governments provide innovative tools and initiatives to citizens. This sort of group effort that allows citizens to be active participants would be impossible with proprietary software.

Take, for instance, the "We the People" movement in the United States, a Drupal-based application that enables the American people to directly petition the President of the United States on issues they care most about.

When asked about Drupal’s security, Dries went on to say that lots of discipline and best practices are implemented in building these sites and modules. As of now, many mission-critical sites in the government operate on Drupal. These websites are prime examples of the security features and capabilities of open source, showcasing the trust that federal governments have in the Drupal CMS and application frameworks.

Dries also went on to state that sharing is an intrinsic quality of open source, providing direct and actionable benefits to the public sector. With Drupal, there is no more reinventing the wheel. One government builds it, another agency picks it up for free and implements it.

Build it once, available for everybody

- Dries Buytaert
CIO of Acquia, Founder of Drupal

From government agencies to higher ed to the private sector Drupal provides a more agile, connected and sustainable digital environment. In government specifically, digital spaces have to change, it needs to happen. It is scary but necessary. 

The public sector needs to push away from legacy software and be open to the changes already happening around the world. Drupal offers that change by providing the tools to tell a story with the proper digital foundation to be more fluid and responsive to secure opportunities.

For more information about the power of Drupal and how it is shaping the future of how governments operate in a digital space, join us at our open source information session.
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