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The Government of Canada has officially endorsed open-source. Many government departments are choosing Drupal as the preferred open source content management system. There are many reasons why the government is shifting to open source and Drupal. In this webinar, our experts will highlight precisely the benefits that 52 Canadian Government departments get from Drupal CMS.

Join OPIN and Acquia on December 5, 2019, as we cover areas that will enable you to build a roadmap for your government department and build an authentic brand identity.

  • How to leverage expertise and best practices from other gov departments to innovate
  • How to architect a multi-cloud platform that helps improve the citizen digital experience
  • Lessons learned by other government agencies and from private sector companies

Drupal is the number one CMS for the public sector for its ability to reduce integration complexity; ensure security and confidentiality; use proven standards and technology, and; assume the total cost of ownership.

Learn how your department will gain flexibility, freedom to iterate rapidly and speed up time to market with open-source.

Open-Source in Gov

As it stands, the Government of Canada faces issues with processes, procurement, implementation, overspending, siloed technology, and ease of implementation. 

A capable and high-performing Public Service that embraces innovation, transformation, and continuous renewal should run on the Drupal platform; Like many other departments already do. Government contractors have a duty to explore open-source alternatives and to educate the market as to modern industry-standard development practices.

As stated by the Federal Government of Canada:

"Effective government requires high-performing public servants. An agile, efficient and effective Public Service is essential to the well-being of Canadians, fuels productivity and supports sound governance of the country."

Do not be left behind using a custom or proprietary system, that impedes changes and makes it difficult to acquire new capabilities. Learn about the power of Drupal.

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How Drupal Empowers Government Innovation and Communication

Open source is revolutionizing the Government of Canada’s technology landscape. Help your department gain flexibility, iterate rapidly and accelerate time to market with Drupal.

Download our recent webinar, “Open Source in Canada: How Drupal Empowers Government Innovation and Communication” and learn why government agencies in over 150 countries are steadily adopting open-source.

Meet Our Speakers

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of some of Canada’s top open-source industry leaders? Now you can. Subject matter experts from OPIN and Acquia will answer your burning questions about open-source.

Chris has successfully guided government departments and agencies to fully optimize their online presence, becoming more effective and relevant to their audiences. His contribution to the promotion and development in the digital marketing technology arena have earned him national recognition and several awards. He is also a firm believer in sharing the knowledge and experience he has acquired by conducting informative seminars, teaching classes and participating in public speaking engagements.

Chris Smith
Founder and CEO, OPIN

Experienced Sales and Customer Success Executive, delivering complex solutions for clients, helping them move toward their goals and deliver successful results. Chris builds solutions, achieves consensus and navigates highly complex environments and stakeholder needs.

Chris Fenn
Senior Account Executive, OPIN

Maggie joined Acquia in early 2019 as the Product Marketing Manager for Acquia Cloud. She comes to Acquia with a wealth of knowledge from a company that focused on enterprise cloud management. As a product marketer, she spends her days helping to bridge communication between engineering, sales, and marketing. As a result, Maggie is passionate about helping IT professionals and marketers find products that eliminate time-consuming tasks and get back to helping their businesses innovate.

Maggie Schroeder
Product Marketing Manager, Acquia
Download our webinar and find out how to gain flexibility, iterate rapidly and speed up time to market with open-source.
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