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OPIN Helps Launch Global Knowledge Hub
The new website will help governments the world over strengthen their civil registration and vital statistics systems.

OPIN Helps Launch Global Knowledge Hub

Thursday, February 8, 2018 - Ottawa, ON - Drupal open-source software powers a global knowledge hub designed to advance health and other human development outcomes in developing countries. OPIN Software developed the website as a resource centre for governments, experts and organizations to draw on to improve civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems. This new knowledge hub was created with growth in mind, and will continue to expand to meet the resource  needs of practitioners working in the field of CRVS systems.

Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) funds research in developing countries to create real and lasting change. This mission includes efforts to promote growth, reduce poverty, and drive large-scale positive change. Funded jointly with Global Affairs Canada, IDRC hosts the Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems initiative. By supporting efforts to strengthen CRVS systems, the Centre of Excellence is working to ensure that countries can generate up-to-date and reliable population data for improved health planning and progress monitoring. Equipped with statistical evidence drawn from civil registration, and health information systems, governments will be empowered to support healthier populations. Civil registration – and proof of civil status and identity – will enable individuals to access public services (such as healthcare and education), and exercise their rights (such as to vote and be protected from child marriage). These advances are crucial to improving quality of life.

The Drupal open-source platform is increasingly being adopted by government organizations for the unique benefits it provides. In this case, OPIN was able to provide IDRC with a streamlined resource hub, making a vast library of resources available to people all over the world. A crucial project requirement was the selection of an accessible and scalable platform that could serve both English and French-speaking communities. IDRC and OPIN created a knowledge hub that can be expanded to accommodate a growing number of resources related to CRVS systems.

The Centre of Excellence website is a powerful tool that will help to extend the reach of the initiative’s resources to dozens of countries around the world. This effort holds promise for improving quality of life for millions of people. OPIN CEO Chris Smith had this to say about the project:

“The Centre of Excellence for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems touches the lives of millions. At OPIN, we help organizations achieve their objectives with Drupal, and improving global health is an initiative we are proud to be a part of.  Our team is delighted to partner with IDRC as its digital agency and to continue helping the organization create real and lasting change in developing countries.”

The new website is available at


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Part of Canada’s foreign affairs and development efforts, IDRC invests in knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world. Bringing together the right partners around opportunities for impact, IDRC builds leaders for today and tomorrow and helps drive change for those who need it most.




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