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OPIN: A Year in Review
With only a few days left until 2020, we take stock of the past year and celebrate some of the milestones OPIN has achieved. We would like to share some of our favourite moments with you all.

OPIN: A Year in Review

Company Growth and Awards

2019 was a huge year for company growth and internal development. OPIN has added over twenty new employees over the year. We have added depth to our organization by expanding our sales and marketing team and adding new talent to our PODs and operations team. 

Additionally, our Saratoga Springs office has experienced growth this year and hopes to add 5-7 new positions in 2020. Growing our team will enable our agency to take on bigger, more ambitious projects. 

OPIN’s success as a digital agency was recognized on several occasions in 2019 by various organizations. We take great pride in the frequency our client work receives industry recognition, as it is further evidence of our commitment to producing lasting value.

OPIN was featured as a leading agency in the Ottawa Business Journal Book of Lists, Ottawa’s most detailed account on various business categories, showcasing Ottawa’s most prolific industries, organizations and people. 

image of the book of lists cover
Book of lists media banner.

OPIN was prestigiously nominated in two categories at the Canadian HR Awards 2019 for The University of Waterloo Best Next Generation Employee Innovation and The Ultimate Software Award for Best Workplace Culture.

In addition, OPIN made the 2019 Growth 500 list for the second consecutive year, positioned at number 142, with a five-year revenue growth rate of 629%. Out of 54 professional services companies ranked on the Growth 500 this year, OPIN is ranked 14th.

Growth 500 logo overlaid on OPIN's mission statement mural
Growth 500 media banner.

This makes OPIN the third-fastest-growing professional services agency in the Ottawa region and Canada’s fastest-growing Drupal agency.

Accessibility Events

2019 was a year full of challenges and new experiences for OPIN. Each year, we strive to push ourselves to stay current and be the best we can be. We chose to detail two events we held this year which are close to our hearts. 

This past year, we made it our mission to become accessibility advocates within our community by hosting events to spread awareness.

OPIN is used to implementing and exceeding accessibility standards when creating digital experiences, however, we decided to do things differently and become more engaged. 

On June 20th, 2019, OPIN and Siteimprove brought together Web and Marketing Professionals across multiple industries, as well as some of Canada's accessibility experts to help align usability and user experience for a better web.

Some of the panellists in attendance were Paralympian Tony Walby and Samuel Proulx. Tony discussed his personal experiences navigating through digital spaces that are not yet fully accessible for those who have impairments. 

image of Paralympian tony walby giving a keynote.
Paralympian Tony Walby giving a keynote.

Samuel, who is a community manager at Fable Tech Labs, had an amazing speech on the history and growth of web accessibility and that accessibility does not just come from the technology, it comes from the users.

In addition to our event “Web Accessibility and the Digital Journey,” OPIN recently hosted a webinar alongside Siteimprove which helped prepare Ontarians for the upcoming accessibility requirement standards. 

Subject matter experts provided key knowledge and insights businesses need to become compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and it's web accessibility requirements while empowering their organizations to create a culture that is inclusive to all customers and employees.

Our duty as a digital agency is not just to create digital experiences, but also to share our experiences and knowledge with everyone in order to help become part of the change.

Exciting Projects: 

Website launch- Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Center 

In 2019 OPIN launched a newly designed website for the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Center. Powered by Drupal 8, with accessibility as a top priority, OPIN delivered a groundbreaking website. 

By consolidating several websites under one banner, information was streamlined and user experience was improved exponentially. The Holland Bloorview website now includes features like screen readers and colour contrast. 

image fo the new site design on various apple device screens
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital website screenshots.

The redesigned website is easy to navigate and makes information readily available for their clients, families, donors and other stakeholders while ensuring a positive publishing experience for their staff. 

Website launch- Hydro Ottawa

OPIN launched the newly designed Hydro Ottawa website powered by Drupal. We delivered a user interface that is modern without requiring an extensive re-brand. The team at OPIN worked closely with Hydro Ottawa for the duration of the project to create a modern, accessible design, that allows for an improved editorial workflow for all content contributors. 

OPIN’s top priority was optimizing the performance of the site to sustain traffic when a natural disaster occurs, ensuring resources are available to users when they need them. 

Website launch- PSAC: 

OPIN worked closely with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, one of the country’s largest labour unions, with members in each province and territory, digitally transform their national site. The end result was a modern and authoritative aesthetic, that provides visitors with a user-friendly experience that is accessible. 

Image of the PSAC website screenshots on various Apple devices
PSAC website screenshots.

Looking Forward 

As 2020 approaches OPIN will continue to be a forward-looking digital agency, this means we will continue to innovate and provide groundbreaking digital projects while working hard to prepare our clients for the release of Drupal 9 which is anticipated to be released in June this year. 

The transition from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 should be smooth and keeping Drupal 8 sites up to date will help prepare your website for Drupal 9. If you are interested in becoming Drupal 9 ready, contact us

OPIN is a leader in web accessibility and understands the importance of providing digital experiences that are inclusive and accessible to all users. As the deadline for WCAG 2.0 compliance approaches in 2021, OPIN will continue to ensure that all of our client projects meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards. 

If you would like to find out more about web accessibility and how to prepare your organization to meet the AODA web accessibility guidelines by the 2021 deadline, contact us.

Finally, thank you to everyone who makes OPIN such an amazing company to be a part of. We have many more exciting announcements that we are eager to share in the new year. Until then, keep an eye on OPIN, Canada’s fastest-growing Drupal agency.