Our Agile Approach

At OPIN we are committed to completing our projects using the Agile development methodology. We believe this collaborative, flexible approach helps us consistently deliver a higher quality product, faster.

Advantages of Agile

Better Product Quality

Agile takes a proactive approach to quality to prevent product problems. We define and elaborate on requirements just in time so that knowledge of product features is as relevant as possible while embracing good design and sustainable development.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Agile emphasizes keeping customers involved and engaged throughout projects. A dedicated product owner keeps the product backlog updated and prioritized while the team demonstrates working functionality to customers in every sprint review.

Improving Project Predictability

Sprint lengths and development team allocation remain the same throughout the project. This allows the project team to know the exact cost for each sprint. Daily scrum meetings allow us to predict project timelines and performance for individual sprints.

Reduced Risk

Agile emphasizes always having a working product, starting with the very first sprint, so that no agile project fails completely. We develop requirements to the definition of done in each sprint so that clients always have completed, usable features.

"OPIN introduced a phased rapid development process and an in-depth exploration of the personas who depend on the website. The process ensured all our needs were met and the project was developed in a gradual process that ensured our complete satisfaction."

- Michael Curran

Publisher, Ottawa Business Journal


Agile project management provides numerous additional benefits to organizations, project teams, and products. Some key benefits include better product quality, higher customer satisfaction, improved project predictability, and reduced risk.

Agile project management encapsulates all phases of the software development lifecycle to ensure both quality and efficiency in all of our projects. The approach requires teams from both the client and OPIN to actively manage the scope of the project, with the objective of delivering maximum business value while respecting budgetary and timeline constraints. This also ensures that the scope of the project can be changed as new requirements arise.

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