A Fully Drupal-Certified Support Team

All members of our support team, like the rest of the OPIN team, possess industry standard certification in the Drupal content management system. We insist on this requirement to ensure our clients receive the highest quality support at all times.

Acquia Drupal Certification

At OPIN we understand the frustration that occurs as a result of dealing with less-than-knowledgable support staff. We pride ourselves in offering a world-class support service that is due in large part to the knowledge possessed by our support team. An in-depth understanding of the core technology we build solutions on at OPIN is a must.

To meet OPIN's requirements for service excellence, all support staff must have completed as a minimum the Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder exam. The Acquia Drupal certifications are regarded as the industry standards for the platform.

It is not an easy exam; a score of 70% or higher is required to pass to ensure the candidate possesses comprehensive knowledge of the content management system.

As a result of these requirements, OPIN has the most certified team in the industry, which includes one of Canada's ten certified Drupal Grand Masters.

A Thousands-strong Worldwide Support Team

In addition to OPIN's expert team, you can take advantage of the distributed knowledge of one of the world's largest open source communities, growing every day.