Creative Experience Web Design

Various web development elements representing aspects of the customer journey - fonts, images, colour palettes

From the moment a customer discovers you, to every experience they have with your business, OPIN's creative design team ensures that your digital presence is flawless, providing consistent branded experiences, every time.

Our team of UI Creative Design Professionals obtain valuable user insights by using a variety of best practices, methods and techniques. The methods performed will depend on the type of site, system or app you are developing, your timeline, and your environment.

We develop a set of experiences that are a natural extension of the brand. We aim for something that’s as personal as it is innovative, allowing more effortless connections between people who are interacting digitally. Ultimately, we make technology invisible so brand personality is on full display.

Impactful Visual Design

The digital medium changes quickly; but we are committed to a process that creates an effective, efficient, and satisfying product for all users.  Our agile approach to design allows our design team to address complex problems and adapt quickly, while productively and creatively delivering outcomes of the highest possible value.

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Defining a Vision

Heuristic Evaluation

The heuristic evaluation is a method of inspection of the website's usability based on a predefined set of criteria that the evaluators follow during the analysis.

Mood Boards

A mood board is a visual composition of pictures and materials that propose an atmosphere by giving the generic perception of it.


The mockup is a high-fidelity representation of the website. As the project progresses, the mockup becomes more and more realistic, and becoming real prototypes representing the main features of the project.

Proven Results

Our digital storytellers weave branded personal stories.


Enterprise projects


Government & Public sector clients

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