Comprehensive Drupal Training

OPIN's training team is the most certified in the country, who are individually, and collectively, leaders in the Drupal community. The expert knowledge transfer includes client training sessions, webinars, and the preparation of training documentation.

The Most Certified Team in the Country

OPIN is the only Drupal-certified company in Canada. Each Drupal developer and trainer possesses multiple Drupal certifications from Acquia. Additionally, we are the only company in Canada certified by Acquia to teach the Acquia Drupal Certification preparation course.

What We Offer

Years of Expertise, Condensed

Our trainers are the most certified in the nation. They bring their years of experience implementing Drupal for enterprises, contributing to the Drupal community, and providing training to organizations of every stripe to the table.

Several Course Offerings

OPIN offers an impressive catalogue of courses that are tailored to your organization's needs. We cover everything from Drupal fundamentals like site building and front-end development to the most complex subjects for more advanced trainees.

Comprehensive Training Plan

OPIN develops a custom training plan for each client to ensure successful and realistic training outcomes. After years of implementing training programs for organizations, we have this down to a science.

What can you learn from the top experts in the Drupal community?

Preferred by Top Enterprises

OPIN is the chosen Drupal training partner for many enterprise-level organizations, including the Department of National Defence, National Research Council, and the Ottawa Heart Institute.