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Lingotek Translation
We help organizations looking for translation support by simplifying and automating their content workflows with Lingotek's Website Translation Solution

Lingotek Website Translation Solution 

Expert translation integration solutions for global enterprises' content management 


What is Lingotek

Lingotek leads the industry with innovative tools that make translation more automated and integrated than ever before. Lingotek's translation hub gives you access to your linguistic assets with centralized storage. Multilingual content is created and managed in the cloud where you can easily access and reuse content across the entire enterprise application. 

OPIN is the leader and award-winning provider of enterprise Drupal services and hosting.  Lingotek is the leader in making Drupal websites multilingual, together, we deliver premier Drupal solutions in a variety of industries, including, municipalities, education, government and healthcare. 


Lingotek Website Translation Solution benefits 

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Multilingual Content Solutions

Lingotek's translation hub enables your team to reuse multilingual content across your entire enterprise application. Multilingual content is created and managed in the cloud where it can be accessed and across the entire enterprise.

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Lingotek Within Drupal

The Drupal module was built with translation in mind giving users access to professional-grade translation tools directly within Drupal, making it easier for Drupal users to create multilingual content that engages global audiences. Drupal users can get their site multilingual-ready in minutes, instead of months.

Diagram demonstrating Lingotek's integration with Drupal

Leaders in Drupal integration

Lingotek and OPIN work together to provide content management solutions for global enterprises. The Drupal module enables enterprises that are looking to enter new markets with content tailored to a specific region. Your team will be able to deliver personalized digital experiences while meeting unique compliance requirements.



Trusted Experts

Completing over 200 enterprise-level projects in the past decade, leverage our top-tier talent where teams are 100% allocated to your project delivering better results.

Agile & Collaborative

Your requirements may change over the course of the project, so our agile model allows you to remain flexible to get the absolute most out of your budget.

Scalable & Secure

We provide future-proof solutions by integrating new and existing technologies, making it easier to scale your digital experience while ensuring it is secure.



Design & Development

We design and build the most advanced digital projects with a unique blend of processes and technologies. Learn how to accelerate time to market, unify your customer journey while reducing costs.

Web Hosting

We offer a wide range of cloud hosting solutions to securely develop, deliver and run websites, applications, intranets, mobile experiences and content. Let us help you choose the right one for you.

Support & Monitoring

Extend your existing investment with our world-class support team. Whether managing scheduled maintenance or requiring ongoing changes, we can help augment your team.

Lingotek Partner Overview 

Lingotek product details 

The Translation Network is Lingotek's cloud-based translation management system. This completely TMS is a completely integrated  translation hub giving you easy access for managing multilingual content. 

Lingotek Translation plans 

Lingotek provides a wide range of plans and pricing to meet your budgeting needs and costs.

Lingotek Company overview 

Lingotek was founded in 2006 and is funded Signal Peak Ventures. Lingotek's Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution connecting all of your global content in one place. 

Lingotek + OPIN: The Leaders in Drupal Integration for Global Enterprises

Lingotek + OPIN work together to provide expert consulting, implementation and integration solutions for global enterprises’ content management. Our deep Drupal expertise helps us meet the unique requirements of delivering personalized digital experiences for enterprises looking to quickly enter new markets with content specifically tailored to the region and culture.

OPIN Software specializes in planning, deploying, and supporting Drupal for large and mid-market enterprises and government agencies. It is a leading and award-winning provider of Drupal open-source software solutions and offers services, hosting, and training services. Since its inception in 2010, OPIN has been helping clients in several industries--municipal, academic, sports, federal, automotive, healthcare--fully leverage their site potential, enabling them to meet client expectations and achieve critical goals with significant cost savings.

Lingotek has the best Drupal translation module in the industry with twice the downloads and websites of any other multilingual connector. The Lingotek - Inside Drupal Module is sponsored by Lingotek and built on Drupal's standard multilingual modules for Drupal 6, 7 and 8 (Locale, content translation, entity translation, internationalization, etc).

A graphic depicting the Lingotek Inside Drupal Module and how it interacts with enterprise web architecture

The Lingotek - Inside Drupal Module integrates with Lingotek’s automated, cloud-based translation management system to give users access to professional-grade translation tools directly within Drupal. The Drupal 8 module was built with translation in mind, making it easier for Drupal users to create multilingual content that will engage a global audience. The module helps Drupal users get a site multilingual-ready in minutes, not months.

Lingotek has a long history of Drupal support. They are a corporate sponsor of, a key contributor to its Premium Technology Supporting Partnership and is a Top 30 Contributor to the Drupal community.

Being able to see – all in one place – the progress of each piece of content and where it’s at is a game changer.

- Adrianna Skukla
Senior Marketing Web Operations Manager, Acquia
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