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Connecting your teams and your organization

Connecting your teams and your organization

Inform and engage with employees. Your corporate intranet is crucial for employee communication as well as the collection and circulation of knowledge. 

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Unify Information

It is common for organizations to find their information scattered across disparate systems. Foresight ensures that information is no longer siloed which will empower your employees to learn more and work more autonomously.

Build Connections

A company intranet should make it simple to find the information needed to complete a task. With Foresight, your employees are connected to relevant resources, are connected with the right people, closing knowledge gaps, working to achieve and exceed organizational goals.

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Keep Everyone Up To Date

Your intranet delivers the most value when it serves a strategic purpose and aligns with your organizational objectives. Foresight is a platform designed to enable your business goals. Whether your intranet will facilitate collaboration between a dispersed workforce, or aid in the transition between both management and employees, your system will be a useful tool.

Why you and your organization need this platform

Streamlined Communication

With Foresight, information effectively communicated from the top of the organization down to teams.

Information is Accessible Throughout Your Organization

Vital internal information is readily available in a central location, streamlining business processes.

Seamless Collaboration

Foresight makes it possible for individuals to team up and support each other in completing tasks.

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OPIN is a leading digital agency providing strategic guidance, creative design, and software development powered by Open Innovation - embracing collaboration and openness in a complex world. Our award-winning work on websites, intranets, apps and martech implementations is recognized by numerous publications. OPIN is ranked as one of the fastest-growing agencies in North America.

Custom Corporate Intranet Portals: The Right Way

There’s a right way to develop an internal communication platform - that is having the right strategy for content sharing and discoverability. Proper reporting and frequent portal adjustments are key until your intranet site is running smoothly.  

Our team of corporate intranet knowledge portal consultants will create a custom strategy that’s tailored to your needs and designed to keep your business growing. They’ll integrate all the content and knowledge sharing tools to ensure from new hires to corporate-wide announcements, your entire team no matter where they are located are always in sync.

Unlike many intranet portal web development agencies, we don’t use a cookie-cutter communications portal for our clients. Our expert team leverages our deep experience including building the world’s largest intranet portal site using Drupal to create a custom-tailored system that will work for your company, specifically. 

It may sound expensive, but it's not because of our expert knowledge and other platform tools we rapidly create the underlying technology you need while focusing your budget on the customizations and workflows you need to make it a success.  Plus we’ll work with you to improve it over time so you can quickly learn and iterate on the data you collect from its actual usage. 

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