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Using your web components across digital properties

Using your web components across digital properties

Every website has blocks and reusable web components throughout. Normally you would have graphic designers draw some. Freeflow uses a collection of technologies built with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, using various design principles to create reusable web components.

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Easy Interface Management

Reusable web components makes interface management and creation effortless. When a website design is in the development phase, small site elements like branding, logo and company name are sure to appear on multiple pages. That’s where a standard component can be utilized on all pages reducing the amount of work needed to complete a project.

Reusable Code

Freeflow creates groups of reusable codes that contain more than one element, this includes lists, tables, quotes, headers and footers. New elements can be extended to conveniently create rich interfaces.

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Building The Foundation

Freeflow gives you a foundation for your digital properties. A set of reusable web components speed up the development of your project and the building of future solutions. You will be confident that you are building what your customers want.

How your organization will benefit from our new platform

Improve Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your digital projects. Freeflow provides components that can be dragged and dropped to create page layouts, freeing up time and resources.

Cohesive Branding

Freeflow elements that are used site-wide like headers and footers are easily assembled onto templates ensuring that branding is consistent across the site.

Empower Non-Technical Users

Reusable web components make it easier for people without years of coding experience to manage and build sites.

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OPIN is a leading digital agency providing strategic guidance, creative design, and software development powered by Open Innovation - embracing collaboration and openness in a complex world. Our award-winning work on websites, intranets, apps and martech implementations is recognized by numerous publications. OPIN is ranked as one of the fastest-growing agencies in North America.

Rapidly building Drupal page templates and blocks: The Right Way

Having built 100’s of enterprise Drupal websites and migrating many more you learn quite a few best practices along the way.  We built Freeflow to help extend our clients budgets so we spend less time on expensive coding and turning your beautiful web designs into coding blocks automatically.

Unlike most Drupal web developers, we have invested in building a proprietary platform that helps us rapidly turn the design phase of your project into pre-built coded web blocks, saving your budget to be used on higher-value activities.  Our team of Drupal certified web developers than spend more time on your custom web development components.

Discover a better way to work with a trusted agency that continues to develop its own tool-kit and leveraging 3rd party solutions to maximize your budget investments.  So let’s discuss your needs and work with you to launch the ultimate marketing experience your organization deserves.

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