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Higher Education Website Development and Design

Differentiate yourself, and communicate your vision

Key Features

Modernize your website, improve user experience and strengthen your brand

Focus on content delivery for internal and external users. Enhancing the usability of university websites is one of the top priorities for academic institutions worldwide. Our design process focuses on usability which involves remaining at the cutting edge of the ideas and innovations that are pushing the industry forward.

Sheridan site on apple devices.

Recruit new students, increase engagement with alumni, corporate/industry partners, foundations, and the community

Your users demand value, innovation and new delivery models from your website. Students and staff expect you to deliver a digital experience that will match your institutions' innovation and creativity. Our User Experience Professionals (USP's) conduct comprehensive research and deliver insights based on your company's unique audience, market, competitors and business objectives to inform you best on how to adapt to industry changes.

User Experience Web Design

Present and reinforce an institutional brand that focuses on the transformational value of high education

Your website will often be one of the first interactions for your customers and all of your stakeholders, it is one of the most important elements of your marketing and communications. Highlighting the quantity of choice and quality of your programs and experience and celebrating the highly skilled and credentialed faculty; highlight award-winning staff. At OPIN e help you hit the ground running and construct a Design System for longevity, which allows you to continue to leverage it for years to come.

Brand Development

Sheridan College website presented on multiple Apple Devices.


Address the growing complexity of security and mitigate risks to your organization. Free up people and resources and focus on things that matter to you regarding process improvement and innovation.


Position your organization for the future by responding to new challenges and opportunities without scaling costs. Build continual process improvements that are agile that can be tested, refined or retired as it brings value.


Transform yourself to become a community and information hub on a base to brand build and become top of mind to members and stakeholders, helping you to become a relevant part of their lives.

Working on this project with OPIN's design team was fantastic. They were able to show us what is possible and what the new site should look like so it was much easier to envision. He helped us break out of our images of what it had to be, and helped us look towards what it could be.

Nick Mirkovic

Manager, Project Office

Creating Empowering Digital Experiences

Double Student Applications: University of Northern British Columbia

Provide a streamlined user experience and adapt seamlessly for devices and integrating legacy information. User profiling provides more targeted information for students interested in university programs, entrance requirements and admissions procedures. The more than two-fold increase in student applications, attributed largely to the improvements to the website, has exceeded the university’s expectations. The increase has provided the university with higher calibre students, increased visibility and a better ability to promote research outcomes.

University of Northern British Columbia Case Study

University of Northern British Columbia website on multiple apple devices.
Image of york region district website school board on apple devices.

Migrating over 200 Sites to Drupal 8: York Region District School Board

Multisite architecture, adds exciting new tools, significantly improving the design and navigation of your site, making it easier for contributors to update content keeping it fresh while meeting users’ needs properly. With improved information architecture and sustainable web design, York Regional District School Board is now able to meet the needs of its web users (including students, families, community and Board staff) to understand their needs and requirements in order to drive its message, share content and engage with their users in the most compelling way.

Our Formula

Our combination of technology, process and expertise is the secret to delivering ambitious digital projects. Learn about our formula below.


The open source CMS supports the largest, most complex multisite infrastructures. Drupal reduces IT costs and accelerates time to market for our clients. Users don't depend on IT to publish content, and robust content management enables reusable assets across sites and platforms.


The methodology helps us deliver client solutions as envisioned. Development timelines are reduced and collaboration ensures that the project exceeds client expectations across the board. Our project teams are cohesive and work together on every project, meaning guaranteed results for clients.


Our unparalleled expertise means that we understand the challenges faced by the largest enterprises. OPIN's track record of delivering projects on time and on budget eliminates risk. We deliver solutions that are designed to drive revenue for North America's largest enterprises.

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