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Lingotek Translation Network

We help organizations looking for translation support by simplifying and automating their content workflows with Lingotek's Website Translation Solution

OPIN and Lingotek offer unparalleled multilingual Drupal expertise

The Benefits of Integrated Translation

Lingotek is at the forefront of translation technology, offering the most complete solution end to end, taking the content and translating it in such a way that it delivers really significant value across the entire customer journey.

Lingotek is more than just a TMS, it’s an entire enterprise translation hub that provides superior integration with centralized storage and access to your linguistic assets.

Networked translation allows you to reuse multilingual content across your enterprise applications and easily keep track of the localization projects that are running between them. With Lingotek, your multilingual content is created and managed in the cloud where it can be easily accessed and reused across the entire enterprise.

Professional Linguists

Lingotek offers translation and editing services into 250+ languages. Lingotek assembles translation teams for projects based on the domain and degree of technicality of the content. With a network of over 5,000 in-country, rigorously verified professional linguists ensure that we can always find the right translator for your work. Many government organizations rely on the multilingual capabilities Lingotek has to offer. 


Standard Translation

Standard Translation with Lingotek consists of high-quality human translation followed by a professional review. This option yields the highest quality.

One-pass Translation

One-Pass Translation with Lingotek consists of high-quality human translation that is not followed by a review. This option yields translation with a natural, human feel at a similar quality level to standard translation.

Post-Edited Machine Translation

PEMT consists of machine translation which is followed by a human review. This option can be a great fit for the appropriate content.

Out-of-the-Box Integration With Drupal (and more)

Lingotek has partnered with the most popular enterprise applications, including Drupal, so publishers can work directly in their native environments. Lingotek gives you the ability to translate content without leaving your site--no working in silos, no switching between applications.

Users can translate, localize, update, and publish global content within a single, uninterrupted workflow. As a result, translations are accelerated and the globalization of content becomes faster and more streamlined.

Lingotek + OPIN: Unparalleled Drupal Expertise

Together, OPIN and Lingotek offer unparalleled Drupal expertise. We work together to provide expert consulting, implementation and integration solutions for global enterprises’ content management.

Our vast Drupal expertise helps us meet the unique requirements of delivering personalized digital experiences for enterprises looking to quickly enter new markets with content specifically tailored to the region and culture.

Linogtek Drupal module chart

The Lingotek - Inside Drupal Module is sponsored by Lingotek and built on Drupal's standard multilingual modules for Drupal 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Locale, content translation, entity translation, internationalization, etc.).

The Lingotek - Inside Drupal Module integrates with Lingotek’s automated, cloud-based translation management system to give users access to professional-grade translation tools directly within Drupal.

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